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DBT is increasing its financing line with Nice et Green in an extremely favourable momentum for the development of the electric vehicle

Lundi 10 Jul 2017 à 11:10

DBT (ALDBT), the European leader in fast charging stations for electric vehicles, announces the
signing of an amendment to the agreement with its financial partner NICE & GREEN

DBT is increasing its financing line with Nice & Green to cope with the stronger than expected
growth in the market reflected in the increased order book and through the implementation of
the Third Year Maintenance contract with Nissan Europe.

DBT's faster-than-expected order growth in recent weeks has led the company to negotiate an
extension of the bond financing facility signed with Nice & Green in March 2017 in order to
address the increase in its working capital requirement.

The recently signed contract with Nissan Europe for the upgrade of their existing fleet of chargers
(press release of 16th June 2017), which represents a turnover of several million euros, will have a
significant impact on future revenues requiring a significant immediate source of cash.

The issue size of the original bond financing agreement amounting to € 3 million until 31st
December 2017 is increased to € 5.2 million until 30th June 2018.

The amount of the tranches originally planned is not amended but is supplemented with more
flexibility enabling DBT to adjust the amount of the tranches upwards or downwards based on its
working capital requirements.

Nice & Green agreed to waive its rights on share subscription warrants.

Except for the above elements, the main terms and conditions of the bond financing (VWAP,
calculation method of the conversion ratio, etc.) remain the same and the profit-sharing program
which consists of a retrocession to DBT of a portion of the possible financial profits MADE by N&G
is maintained.

DBT has already drawn € 1.6 million. To date, N&G holds around 7% of the company's issued share

About DBT
Set up in 1990, DBT is an industry reference in professional electrical equipment (access control bollards, power distribution
units, current transformers) and the European leader in high-speed charging stations for electric vehicles.
The Group designs, manufactures and sells one of the most high-performance and comprehensive ranges of charging stations
on the market, with standard (3 to 8 hours), semi-fast (1 to 3 hours) and fast-charging (20 to 30 minutes) terminals that are
adapted to all types of uses and needs. At 31 December 2016, it had a fleet of over 17,500 charging stations, 2,100 of which are
high-speed stations. DBT serves more than 450 active clients including Auchan, Autogrill, BP, EDF, Eurotunnel, Ikea, McDonald's,
Nissan, Sodetrel, and the Bordeaux, Paris and Neuilly-sur-Seine town councils, etc.
Awarded the label of "Innovative Company" by Bpifrance, DBT posted turnover of €10.0 million in 2015/16. Based in Douai, the
Group employed 78 members of staff at 31 January 2017.
For more information, go to www.dbt-bourse.com

Investor contacts:
Frédéric Portier - Inbound Capital
Tel : +44 (0)780 253 33 33

Media contact:
Ségolène de St Martin - Presse&Com Ecofi
Tel : +33 (0)6 16 40 90 73

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