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ABEO and the European Union of Gymnastics extend their partnership until 2024

Mercredi 02 Mai 2018 à 07:00

ABEO, a world leader in sports and leisure equipment, today announces that its subsidiaries Janssen-Fritsen, Spieth Gymnastics and Gymnova have adapted and extended their existing agreements with the European Union of Gymnastics (UEG) until 2024, as official apparatus suppliers, in order to consolidate a partnership over the long term.

The resulting agreement sees Janssen-Fritsen, Spieth Gymnastics and Gymnova reappointed as official gymnastics equipment partners for all UEG events, including the European Gymnastics Championships. With its 50 federation members, the European Union of Gymnastics is a sports organisation that reaches beyond the borders of political Europe and supports the ideas of a united gymnastics nation.

UEG President Farid Gayibov highlights the importance of this unity: “In the past we have worked well together and now it is time to take our ambitions to the next level. By granting more favourable conditions to our members, we wish to increase the popularity of our sport throughout Europe. This can only be achieved by working together.”

ABEO Group ceo Olivier Estèves said: “We are particularly proud that our partnership with the UEG has been renewed for a further 7 years. This decision, based on a solid collaboration built on trust and reliability, confirms the leading position of our gymnastics equipment brands.”

Find out more at www.abeo-bourse.com

ABEO is a major player in the sports and leisure (“sportainment”) market. The Group posted revenue of €167 million for the year ended 31 March 2017, 70% of which was generated outside France. At year-end it had 1,200 employees.
ABEO is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of sports and leisure equipment. It also provides assistance in implementing projects to professional customers in the following sectors: specialised sports halls and clubs, leisure centres, education, local authorities, construction professionals, etc.
ABEO has a unique global offering, and operates in a wide variety of market segments, including gymnastics apparatus and landing mats, team sports equipment, physical education, climbing walls, leisure equipment and changing room fittings. The Group has a portfolio of strong brands which partner sports federations and are featured at major sporting events, including the Olympic Games.
ABEO (ISIN code: FR0013185857, ABEO) is listed on Euronext Paris – Compartment C.


For any questions relating to this press release or the ABEO Group, please contact ACTUS finance & communication:

Investor relations – Corinne Puissant investor@beo.fr Tel: +33 (0)1 53 67 36 77

Press relations – Serena Boni presse@beo.fr Tel: +33 (0)4 72 18 04 92Tel : 01 53 67 36 77

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