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Mercredi 13 Déc 2017 à 15:00

Oeneo has announced the acquisition of stakes in two companies as part of its development strategy to offer an exhaustive and innovative offering across the whole of the winemaking value chain. Through its subsidiary, Seguin Moreau, the Group is now the majority shareholder with a stake of 52% in Galileo, a company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of concrete tanks. It has also taken a stake in the capital of start-up Naïo Technologies, which specializes in farming robots, through a new partnership.


GALILEO: a complementary offering for Seguin Moreau

Galileo is an innovative French company that specializes in the design of spherical concrete tanks for a sustainable wine industry and is an offshoot from the R&D Department of Oeneo Group subsidiary, Seguin Moreau. Seguin Moreau has acquired a 52% stake and has a call OPTION on the remainder of the capital from 2021.

Recognized for its neutral properties and stabilizing effect on temperature, concrete is used in vinification and winemaking. Galileo's offer is unique in that its tanks are MADE entirely from lightweight concrete, have a perfectly spherical form that maximizes thermal inertia and can be equipped with built-in thermoregulation.

Following this transaction, Oeneo's Winemaking division now has a comprehensive range of casks and large containers and is able to extend its offer to new adjacent markets to its historical activities.


NAIO TECHNOLOLOGIES: strategic partner upstream in the value chain

Founded in 2011, Naïo Technologies manufactures farming robots and tools for agriculture and viticulture that are used to weed, hoe and HARVEST crops. Its equipment uses technologies that enable farmers to make productivity gains while limiting their impact on the environment.

The company is currently developing TED, a vineyard weeding robot which will be tested in the coming months by early-adopter winemakers. TED was recompensed by an Innovation award (Viticulture category) at the 2017 International Sparkling Wine Technology Exhibition (VITeff).

Oeneo and Naïo Technologies are embarking on a partnership to accompany the development and marketing phases. As a partner investor, Oeneo Group will provide the start-up with its exhaustive expertise of the winemaking world and its global networks.

The partnership will take the form of a 1.5% minority stake and the inclusion of Oeneo CEO, Nicolas Hériard Dubreuil, on the Supervisory Board of Naïo.



Oeneo Group will publish its turnover for the third quarter of 2017-2018 on 22 January 2018 after the markets have closed.



About OENEO Group

Oeneo Group is a major wine industry player with high-end and innovative brands. Present around the world, the Group covers each stage in the winemaking process through two core and complementary divisions:

Closures, which manufactures and sells cork closures, including high value-added technological closures through its Diam range and traditional closures through its Piedade range.

Winemaking, which provides high-end solutions in winemaking and spirits for leading market players with Seguin Moreau and develops innovative solutions for the wine industry with Vivelys (R&D, consulting, systems).

Oeneo prides itself in offering solutions in the production, maturing, preservation and enhancement of wines or spirits that faithfully convey all of the emotion and passion of each winegrower and improve their performance.




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