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Indigo, the SMOOVENGO consortium's largest shareholder, wins the tender offer to manage the self-service bicycles for the City of Paris (Velib')

Lundi 15 Mai 2017 à 18:00

The SMOOVENGO consortium, formed by Indigo, a direct subsidiary of Infra Park, Mobivia, Moventia and Smoove, signed the deal with the Autolib' and Velib' Métropole entity to manage the self-service bicycles for fifteen years.

SMOOVENGO is a consortium gathering four international mobility experts. Perfectly complementary, they collectively employ more than 40,000 employees and weigh more than 4 billion euros in sales, with a presence in France and worldwide.
As the consortium's largest shareholder, Indigo played a key role in the winning of this contract estimated at more than 600 million euros. Indigo has provided the consortium with its financial, commercial, legal and information systems expertise, as well as its perfect knowledge of the area, gained through operating 268 car parks in Paris and its innermost suburbs. Some of its car parks will thus become strategic bases for storing bikes, as well as the vehicles responsible for distributing them and transporting them to the stations. Maintenance workshops will be gradually installed in these dedicated areas to carry out repairs on bicycles.

The Vélib's fleet will be progressively extended to the Grand Paris Métropole and will be entirely renewed with more robust, lighter and connected bikes with one third of electric bicycles. The contract was awarded to SMOOVENGO for the 2018-2032 period.

“Through its presence in the Vélib' experience, Indigo fosters its positioning as an actor of individual mobility and becomes a key player of smart cities. By winning the larger tender offer of self-service bicycles in the world, Indigo is addressing the market of shared, environmentally responsible and connected mobility.
Meanwhile, we are boosting the innovations that improve the customer experience within our on-street and off-street car parks. We are thus placing the needs of the customers and local authorities at the heart of our strategy”,
explains Sébastien Fraisse, France Managing Director at Indigo.

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About Infra Park

Infra Park (previously named Infra Foch), holding about 100% of Indigo (previously named VINCI Park), is a key global player in car parking and urban mobility, which manages more than 2.1 million parking spaces in 16 different countries. In 2016, Infra Park revenues and ebitda amounted to €860 million and €305 million respectively (Global Proportionate figures, pre-ifrs 11).

Infra Park is indirectly held at 49.2% by investment funds managed by Ardian, 49.2% by Crédit Agricole Assurances, and the remainder by the employees and management of the Group

Infra Park
Société par Actions Simplifiée au capital de 160 044 282 euros
Siège Social : 4, place de la Pyramide – Immeuble Ile de France – Bâtiment A
800 348 146 RCS Nanterre

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