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Mardi 28 Mar 2017 à 11:30

Paris, 28 March 2017 - INVIBES ADVERTISING, an advanced technology company specialized in digital in-feed advertising, has announced the launch of its new video format, Invibes Play. A pioneer format for next-level web user experience, Invibes Play gives advertisers a premium platform to showcase their offer. Feedback on the first campaigns that began in January has already been extremely positive, both in quality and in terms of value for money, with French car manufacturer and client Citroën choosing to inaugurate Havas Media's innovative format to market the appeal of its C1 city car.

For Havas Media and client Citroën, the decision to test this new solution stems from the clear advantages it offers in terms of visibility.

Seduced by the new format, Philippe Boutron, Head of Media for CITROËN & DS France said: "We launched a video campaign with Invibes Play as it promotes our brand and offer the minute the advert hits the screen. I am very satisfied with the way in which this format is able capture the attention of web users whilst at the same time being less intrusive than existing solutions."

The main advantage of Invibes Play is that it is able to bring up the packshot from the very first sequence and, in doing so, identify a brand and its offer without having to wait until the middle or end of the advertising film - a genuine advantage when we know that only a very small minority of web users watch an advertising film through to the end (generally, today's users click on the cross or simply scroll so that the video no longer features on their screen).

Other advantages are that Invibes Play can integrate all types of videos, whatever the format: vertical, square or horizontal. The advertising message is editorialized, with a title and a description, which is invaluable for videos in auto-play as they all start with the sound in OFF mode by default.

Nicolas POLLET, ceo and co-founder of Invibes Advertising, said: "Today, the online video market in France is estimated at several hundred million euros and we expect Invibes Play to be a huge success as it is a video format that gives web users a positive experience and valorizes the image of the advertiser and the media site."

Next publication: yearly results during the week of 12 April 2017.


Created in 2011, Invibes Advertising is an advanced technology company specialized in digital advertising. It has developed advertising solutions supported by an in-feed format (integrated into media content) inspired by social networks and optimized for diffusion in a closed network of media sites (CCM Benchmark, Lagardère, Le Monde, Team Media and Prisma). Clients include major brands Carrefour, Danone, Groupe Mulliez, PSA, SBB, SNCF, Swissquote and Volkswagen. Invibes Advertising is a Pass French Tech 2016 accredited company with the ambition and capacity to pursue its strong growth.

It is listed on the Euronext Paris stock exchange (Ticker: MLINV – ISIN: BE0974299316)

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Nicolas Pollet
+33(1) 84 17 62 82
Natacha Morandi
Investor Relations
+33(1) 53 67 36 94
Vivien Ferran
Media relations
+33(1) 53 67 36 34

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