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Fermentalg presents 5 new innovative products in a world premier at the Fi Europe 2015 trade fair devoted to the human nutrition market

Mardi 01 Déc 2015 à 18:00

Libourne – 1 December 2015 – Fermentalg, an industrial biotechnology company that specializes in the production of oils and proteins derived from microalgae, will be presenting 5 new innovative products developed using its ground-breaking technology in a world premier that begins today. The products will be presented at the Fi Europe 2015 trade fair for professionals from the human food and nutrition sector which will take place in Paris until 3 December 2015.

New oil and flour substitutes
The new oil and flour-based products derived from microalgae to be unveiled by Fermentalg as substitutes for traditional agrifood industry products include:

  • RP Green Chlorella: a 100% natural microalgae flour that is rich in vegetable protein, amino acids and antioxidants, and that is primarily destined for the food supplement sector to help increase energy levels and prevent weight gain. The process developed by Fermentalg ensures the highest standards of product safety and consistency for users.
  • RP Green Chlorella: 100% natural microalgae flakes that are rich in protein and easily incorporated in food preparations to complement or supplement other traditional flours. RP Green Chlorella's high protein intake of over 60% gives it exceptional positioning and nutritional value.
  • RP Yellow Chlorella: a 100% natural microalgae flour that is rich in protein (55%) and whose color makes it easy to incorporate in food preparations including bakery and savory products and ready-made meals. Light and mild in taste, its nutritional properties also make it an ideal ingredient for processed foods.
  • RL Yellow Chlorella: a 100% natural flour that is rich in lipids and has the same high oleic acid content generally found in olive oil. Thanks to its unique composition (45% lipids and 21% proteins), RL Yellow Chlorella is an ideal vegetable ingredient for the agrifood industry.
  • Olealg: an exceptional natural microalgae oil that contains over 82% of the unsaturated fatty acids (primarily oleic) generally found in quality olive oils. The fact that Olealg also has a much lower level of saturated fatty acids than olive oil gives it an additional nutritional advantage.

These new and innovative products offer the agrifood industry 100% natural and highly digestible sources of protein that do not share the same anti-nutrients found in plant proteins. Microalgae flours are also a new source of 100% natural and quality oleic oils.

Human nutrition market ambitions confirmed
This new commercial initiative is confirmation of the acceleration in Fermentalg's development on the strategic market of human nutrition.

Awarded the European Novel Food authorization for its DHA-enriched oil at the start of the year, the company has cemented its access to the human nutrition market and already produced over a ton of oil using the proprietary technology which will ensure its market penetration and recognition amongst future clients. The headway made has enabled the Group to begin implementing its business development strategy outside of Europe with qualified contacts in Japan and North America.

For Pierre Calleja, Chairman and ceo of Fermentalg, “Today, we begin a major new phase in our development as we bring professionals innovative solutions that stem from the exceptional properties of microalgae and our technological expertise. Our presence at this benchmark trade fair and the presentation of our offers are clear proof that, now more than ever, we stand at the gates of our target markets.”

Visit Fermentalg at stand 6M51-2 of the Food ingredients Europe 2015 trade fair.

About Fermentalg

Founded in 2009 by Pierre Calleja, Fermentalg is an industrial biotechnology company that specializes in producing sustainable oils and proteins derived from the exceptional properties of microalgae. Its patented technology allows it to target a range of fast-growing global markets, from nutrition and animal feed to cosmetics and health, green chemistry and energy. Fermentalg has already signed its 1st industrial and commercial joint-venture for the production of Omega-3 oils rich in EPA and DHA as well as several other partnerships with leading industrial groups. Fermentalg shares are listed on Euronext in Paris (FR0011271600 - FALG). For more information, visit the Fermentalg website at: www.fermentalg.com.

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