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Toutabo : exclusive negotiation for the acquisition of the kiosk

Mardi 09 Jun 2015 à 11:10
The shareholders of entered into exclusive negotiations with the Toutabo for the sale of its business.
The 8 founding editors of the company decided to enter into exclusive negotiations with the company TOUTABO (FR0010621722 - MLABO) for the sale of the kiosk
Toutabo is since 2005 a partner of the main French newspaper and magazine publishers with a subscription offer of more than 1,000 titles distributed in BtoC and BtoB.
This acquisition is a major strategic move for the French digital press distribution.
It will allow Toutabo and ePresse to now offer a complete package combining the distribution of paper and digital versions of most national and regional newspapers as well as magazines.
The new entity is expected to weigh on the order of 10 million euros in turnover in 2015 and will rely on distribution capacity established Toutabo and developments already made by ePresse to significantly advance sales of French digital press.
The ePresse catalogue includes over 500 titles representing over 80% of the top 100 bestselling newspapers and magazines. It is broadcast on all digital media (tablets, smartphones and web) and offers a unique user experience with the possibility of reading individual articles on all medias. ePresse conquered in less than 3 years, more than 15% of the digital kiosks market in France.
The new combined portfolio Toutabo / ePresse will aim to be distributed in both BtoC with a clientele of nearly 500,000 active clients and BtoB, with existing partners of the two companies (Cofinoga, France Loisirs, Amex, etc. ...).
The sale agreement provides that the shareholders of and the current partners will rely on Toutabo to continue developing sales of their titles in the digital format.
The operation, if carried to completion, should be completed before 30 September 2015.
About TOUTABO – Your Magazine Subscription Center -
TOUTABO was created in February 2005 with the goal of being a key actor in the consumer loyalty programs based on the sale of magazine subscriptions.
The company is the editor of the internet sites for its subscription offer (over 1000 titles sold by subscription and over 4000 titles sold by the issue) and for its digital press offer.
The trademarks “Toutabo”, “Inter-Magazines”, “” and “PressedeFrance” are trademarks property of the Toutabo Company, registered with the INPI
The company is listed on the Marché Libre of the Nyse EURONEXT Paris, Code ISIN: FR0010621722 - Mnemonic code MLABO
It is reminded that the direct or indirect sale to the public of financial instruments giving access to the equity shares of TOUTABO is limited to qualified Investors (art 411-2 of the French financial monetary code).
The kiosk ePresse was launched by the GIE ePresse in April 2012 controlled by the largest French newspapers and magazine publishers: Le Figaro, Les Echos, L'Equipe, Le Parisien and Liberation L'Express, L'Observateur and Le Point, offering reading the press in digital format on all media (computer, smartphone, tablet). With around 500 titles including most of the national and regional newspapers as well as magazines. The kiosk ePresse managed to take over 15% market share in less than 3 years (source OJD).
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