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A high growth 1st quarter: +54.1% - Commercial dynamics maintained

Mercredi 11 Mai 2011 à 16:40

Consolidated (€M) – non audited 31.03.2011 31.03.2010 Change
Q1 turnover 139.8 90.7 + 54,1%


As announced, growth accelerated in the 1st quarter of 2011

The MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT group achieved a turnover of €139.8 M, up by 54.1%, or an increase of €49.1 M in activity for the quarter.

This growth includes both the acquisitions in 2010 (Maisons et Résidences Corbioli and Maisons Les Naturelles) and the first acquisition of 2011 (LMP). At constant perimeter, growth was 46.7%.

This particularly high level of activity arises from:

  • the high increase in the volume of current construction sites observed since the second half of 2010,
  • the excellent weather conditions of these three winter months.

Two acquisitions have been made since the start of the year.

Since the 1st January 2011, MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT has acquired 100% of the capital of the Logis du Marais Poitevin company based in Vendée and the Les Maisons de Stéphanie Group based in Tours (Indre-et-Loire).

Traditional house builders, both companies have good regional reputations and represent additional turnover of €20 M in a full year. They allow the Group to significantly strengthen itself in these high potential regions.

The Group is maintaining a good sales dynamic

The record level of Group commercial activity in 2010 was maintained in this first quarter. For constant perimeter, order intake increased by 1.3 % in value (in the context of a +27% 2010 change).

Taking the two growth operations completed since the start of the year into account, the order book increase was + 5.8 % in value, or 1,761 orders representing €176.3 M ex. tax.

Strong growth in 2011 and new opportunities

Taking its visibility into account, the Group confirms a very high increase in production in 2011, with an excellent level of operational profitability.

In addition, taking the FINANCIAL resources available into MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT into account, the Group intends to strengthen its position as the main player in property acquisition by continuing its policy of targeted acquisitions of high quality companies.

In the medium term, the commercial dynamic of MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT will remain supported by:

  • A structurally buoyant individual house market.
  • Property acquisition conditions that remain favourable.
  • A return of second time buyers who contribute to favourable developments in average sale prices.
  • A range that is perfectly adapted to new RT 2012 (BBC, low consumption house) and 2020 (positive energy house) thermal regulations notably with the Maisons Performances range.
  • A financial capacity that permits us to adopt a position as a centre for concentration in the sector with numerous external growth opportunities.
  • An effective partnership with the BPCE Group.

General Meeting: on 20 May 2011 10:30 am, Halle aux Toiles, Cours Clémenceau, 61 000 Alençon

Next press release: 2nd quarter turnover, on 9 August 2011 after stock exchange.


Founded in 1919, MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT is the oldest builder of single-family homes in France and one of the first two largest builder of single-family homes on individual plots. The Group operates in 20 regions in France, with 300 sales offices and 50 model homes.
Staff size at 31 March 2011: 1,424 people.

MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT is listed on the Euronext Paris - Compartment B.
ISIN Code: FR 0004159473 - Index: CAC® Small, CAC® Mid & Small, CAC® All-Tradable, CAC® All-Share

Commercial site: www.maisons-france-confort.com
Financial site: www.groupe-mfc.com

Patrick Vandromme
Chairman and Managing Director
Tel. +33 (0)2 33 80 66 61
Email  pvandromme@maisonfc.fr
Amalia Naveira
Analyst/Investor/Press relations
Tel. +33 (0)4 42 18 04 90
E-mail  anaveira@actus.fr
Jean-Christophe Godet
Finance & Administration Manager
Tel. +33 (0)2 33 80 66 66
Email  jc.godet@maisonfc.fr
Marie Claude Triquet
Presse relations
Tel.  +33 (0)4 72 18 04 93
Email  mctriquet@actus.fr

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