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Steria launches RightTesting to help organisations save money, save time and drive efficiencies

Mercredi 09 Fév 2011 à 17:35

Steria RightTesting will help clients to identify the critical risk and quick-win opportunities presented by their testing operations across both hardware and software environments. Through a set of three interlocking steps, RightTest Consulting, RightTest Transformation and RightTest Managed Services, Steria will provide organisations with consultancy, tools and managed testing services to reduce the cost and risk of bringing new products and services to market.

As organisations face increasing pressure to develop and release new innovations and products more quickly, the testing phase is often overlooked. It is, at best, seen as a necessary overhead and, at worst, applied to a narrow context or overlooked altogether. It can, as a result, have huge consequences on the business, according to Steria. To counter this challenge, RightTest brings together the consulting experience and expertise of Steria with proven tools from long-time testing partner HP, as well as new partners including Experimentus, Odin Technology’s, QualiSystems and Smartesting. Underpinning RightTest are industry standard frameworks including CMMI, Cobit, ITIL, Prince2 and TMMi and Six Sigma, a process improvement methodology.

Underpinning Steria RightTest is HP Quality Centre, which offers a single, scalable, web-based application that supports all aspects of application quality test management and delivery. Steria and HP have worked together for many years to provide clients with a consistent, repeatable process, as well as real-time reporting of the quality assurance progress and status - enabling improved communication and collaboration among IT teams. In addition, it allows the quality assurance teams to automate quality processes within the larger application lifecycle. And now that Steria is enrolled within HP’s Managed Services Partner (MSP) programme, Steria is able to access proven, industry-leading Business Technology Optimisation (BTO) software with flexible licensing options that enables them to provide even more location-independent assistance for clients.

Building on this successful relationship with HP, Steria has now partnered with industry leading testing providers to provide a robust offering founded on a sound methodology:

  • Experimentus to enhance the methodology of testing and quality improvement processes through thought leadership and industry standards including TMMI.
  • Odin Technology’s to make test automation easier, quicker and more cost effective to implement and maintain through repeatable processes.
  • QualiSystems to provide end-to-end test automation frameworks, including complete test lab management and advanced test data analysis, for virtually any hardware, network equipment and embedded system testing.
  • Smartesting to improve test design processes by automating test creation to guarantee and certify the alignment of information system applications with the business processes of the organisation.

The three elements of the new RightTest portfolio include:

  • RightTest Consulting: A consultative engagement that provides clients with a current state maturity assessment of the way they currently carry out testing in their organisation, both against industry benchmarks and against the needs and requirements of the business. The assessment will highlight any critical issues with the current environment and any quick win opportunities. Steria will define a business case and roadmap to enable organisations to transition to a more advanced testing operation, with rigour applied throughout the development lifecycle.
  • RightTest Transformation: With a solid basis defined through expert consultancy, it frequently involves the deployment of systems, tools and processes inherent within a transformation programme. Using a combination of process management tools including Six Sigma and recognised industry frameworks such as ISTQB, ITIL, CMMI, Prince2 and TMMi, Steria transitions clients from their current operating model to their target operating model. To aid the process of knowledge transfer and education Steria provides clients with expert resources to run the operation while existing staff are brought up to speed with the new operation.
  • RightTest Managed Services: For clients interested in reducing costs longer term by industrialising their testing operation, Steria offers a complete suite of Managed Testing Services to power every step of the testing process 24x7x365, whether in-house or outsourced, in a traditional or a cloud-based environment.

Sean Beesting, Group Testing Service Line Director, Steria, said, “The current economic climate means that the drive for increased quality has never been higher, nor has focus on the impact of activities on cost and time to market. The testing process in many organisations is not core to their business and therefore not a priority, so as organisations strive to deliver change, it is often seen as an expensive evil.”

“By combining Steria’s years of consulting, testing and managed services experience with niche solutions from key innovation partners, and following industry standard frameworks and methodologies, Steria RightTesting enables organisations to get their testing right, first time, every time, and demonstrates the business value-add it can really represent.”


About Steria:
Steria delivers services based on new technologies that enable administrators and companies to improve their efficiency and profitability. Thanks to the excellent knowledge of its clients’ business, its expertise in information technology, and the outsourcing of corporate processes, Steria takes on board the challenges of its clients and helps them to develop innovative solutions to face them. Through the collaborative approach of the board, Steria works with its clients to transform their organisation, enabling them to focus on what they do best. Steria’s 18,300 employees, in 16 countries, look after the systems, services, and processes that make today’s world go around, thereby having an impact on the lives of millions of people every day.
Steria was founded in 1969 and has offices in Europe, India, North Africa, and Southeast Asia. The group achieved a turnover of €1.63 billion in 2009, and 19.7% of its capital is held by its employees. Steria is headquartered in Paris and is listed on Euronext Paris.


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