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EUROTECH S.p. Finmeccanica va acquérir 11,1 % d' Eurotech

Mardi 13 Mai 2008 à 14:59

Rome, le 13 mai 2008

Le Conseil d'Administration de Finmeccanica a décidé d'entrer dans l'actionnariat d'Eurotech en acquérant près de 11,1 % du capital de la société, équivalent à 3 936 461 actions, de certains actionnaires fondateurs de la société (Dino Feragotto, Roberto Chiandussi, Giorgio Pezzulli) au prix de 4,60 E l'action.

Finmeccanica signera également un accord d'actionnaires avec l'actuelle Direction d'Eurotech : le président Roberto Siagri, le vice-président Massimo Mauri et le directeur de la technologie (CTO) Giampietro Tecchiolli, qui à ce jour détiennent près de 10,7 % du capital de la société. Cet accord sera communiqué aux autorités compétentes et au marché selon les dispositions légales et réglementaires en vigueur.

The entrance into Eurotech's share capital will reinforce the strategic partnership initiated in July 2006 by means of an agreement for commercial and scientific cooperation, and will permit a further deepening of relations between the two Groups, particularly given the progress MADE by Eurotech in the development of innovative products as well as significant growth in new geographic areas of strategic importance to Finmeccanica such as the United States and Japan.

The operation is subject to the approval by the relevant regulatory authorities. Finmeccanica is assisted by Mediobanca, as FINANCIAL advisor for the transaction.


Finmeccanica (FNC.MI) is the main Italian group in the high technology sector, leader in the design and production of civil and military aircraft, aerostructures, helicopters, satellites, space infrastructure, missiles and defence electronics. Finmeccanica has a top level role in the European aerospace and defence industry, and is present in the major international programmes in the sector thanks to its consolidated partnerships in Europe and the USA. The Group also boasts productive assets and consolidated competencies in the transport and energy sectors. Finmeccanica, listed on the Milan stock exchange, operates in Italy and abroad through subsidiaries and joint ventures, with a consolidated total of 60,000 employees of whom 10,000 are in the UK, 3,500 in France and 2,000 in the USA. In order to maintain and develop its technological competencies, Finmeccanica commits resources equivalent to 14% of revenues to Research and Development.


Eurotech (ETH.MI), established in 1992, is a leading company in the research, development, production and sale of miniaturised computers (NanoPCs) and high performance computing (HPC) computers. Eurotech offers a complete range of products and services of the highest technology to customers operating in the aerospace, transport, security and manufacturing sectors. The Eurotech Group has its head office in Italy and is present in the USA, France, the United Kingdom, Finland, Japan, Germany and China, employing around 620 people with pro-forma revenues for 2007 of approximately E100 million.

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