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Mercredi 02 Jan 2008 à 12:28

- La société a signé un accord avec Inmobiliaria Colonial qui attribue à abertis logística la propriété de plusieurs biens immobiliers destinés à des activités logistiques situés dans la petite couronne de Barcelone et de Madrid, d'une superficie totale de 400 000 m² et de 250 000 m² de terrain constructible.

- abertis logística investira 201,6 millions d'euros dans l'acquisition de portefeuille d'immeubles, dont près de 50 % sont en phase d'exploitation commerciale, idéalement situés dans les principaux couloirs de communication tant à Madrid (couloir de Henares) qu'à Barcelone (autoroute AP-7).

- abertis logística meets one of its major strategic goals, i.e. to set up a base for its network of parks with nodes and reference points in the east (Barcelona), west (Lisbon), north (Alava), south (Seville) and centre (Madrid) of the Iberian peninsula.

- Forecasts for 2008 point to E8 Mn revenues and an Ebitda of E5 Mn for the acquired actives. It is also estimated that in 2011 revenues will reach E20 Mn and the Ebitda will exceed E16 Mn, once culminated the E56 Mn investments to finish the projects under development that will allow the full commercial exploitation of the acquired actives.

Barcelona, 31st December 2007.- abertis logística has signed a deal to acquire several properties intended for logistics activities from Inmobiliaria Colonial for E201.6 Mn. The assets added to the abertis logística's portfolio have an estimated gross surface area of 400,000 square metres and a GLA of 250,000 square metres. They boast an outstanding location, i.e. Madrid and Barcelona's main industrial belts, and are at an excellent stage of development. Practically half of the surface area has already been placed on the market and the other half will be marketed between 2008 and 2009. The transaction will be financed by drawing down on short-term cash lines available and it is free of debts and FINANCIAL burdens. The deal marks a strategic milestone for abertis logística as it enables the company to gain a foothold in the centre of the peninsula, where it can set up a reference node for the logistics park network it is creating in Spain and Portugal. The move is in line with the principle of a network of logistics parks located in the major corridors providing high capacity transport and quick access throughout the peninsula.

The company has also strengthened its position in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, where it currently operates the Parc Logístic de la Zona Franca, the CIM Vallès equipment and service area in the AP-7 corridor and has a (32%) stake in Centro Intermodal de Logística (Cilsa), which operates the ZAL (logistics zone) of the Barcelona port. The transaction is also expected to generate huge internal management, as well as commercial and relationship synergies, across abertis logística's network of parks. The vast majority of logistics operators are located in Spain's areas of industrial and consumer development (Madrid and Barcelona) and show clear interest in expanding into new sites to carry out their activities. Abertis logística's network will provide transport and logistics companies, large retailers, consumer electronics and other industries, such as home appliances or textiles, a broad range of solutions fo locating their distribution centres in the Iberian peninsula.

Portfolio of assets acquired

Coslada I. Located 14 km from Madrid, close to Barajas airport and Coslada Transport Centre (CTC), it has access to the A-2 motorway and is in the heart of the capital's main logistics centre. The park has a GLA (gross leasable area) of 24,544 square metres, with units measuring from 1,700 square metres and up intended as prime storage facilities and with additional, top quality office space. It is already in commercial use. Alt Penedès. Located in the village of Subirats next to Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, with direct access to the AP-7 toll road. With a GLA of 89,061 square metres, it consists of nine warehouses measuring from 7,000 to 40,000 square metres. It is equipped with cutting edge infrastructure, including loading bays, offices and spaces for vehicles to circulate. It is also already in commercial use. Coslada II. Adjacent to Coslada I, it has a GLA of 38,030 square metres with units measuring from 1,300 square metres up intended as prime storage facilities and additional top quality office space. The park is currently under development, with construction scheduled to be completed in September 2008. San Fernando de Henares. This park is located in Madrid's primary logistics belt, with direct access to the A-2 motorway, 15 kilometres from Madrid, close to Barajas airport. It has a GLA of 69,291 square metres, offering units of 3,000 square metres and up and wide space to facilitate circulation. It is currently under development. The building project is at an advanced stage, and work is set to finish in the second quarter of 2009. Camarma de Esteruelas. With a GLA of 24,574 square metres, it is being developed in the outer industrial belt of the Henares Corridor, very close to the A-2 motorway in Alcalá de Henares. Work is set to finalise in July 2009.

The logistic park network

abertis logística already has a presence in Barcelona, Seville and Alava and is developing international projects in Lisbon and Santiago (Chile). In Barcelona it operates the Parc Logístic de la Zona Franca -equally owned by abertis logística and the Consorci de la Zona Franca- the Centro Intermodal de Logística (Cilsa) -32% owned by abertis logística and 50% by the Barcelona Port Authority- which is developing the logistics zone in two stages (ZAL Barcelona and ZAL Prat). It also runs the CIM Vallès equipment area. In Alava, abertis logística operates the Arasur logistics park, in which it has a 44% stake. The park, which is at a development and promotion stage, plans to reach 1,000,000 square metres of warehouse space - 70,000 of which are already built - and a total surface area of 2,000,000 square metres. Arasur is located strategically, in a land connection hub with accesses to the AP-1 toll road (Burgos-Armiñón), the AP-68 toll road (Bilbao-Zaragoza) and the A-1 motorway (Madrid-Irún). In Seville, abertis logística, through Sevisur, a company in which it has a 60% holding, is overseeing the construction and management of the ZAL (logistics zone) at Seville port. Seville port's ZAL, located in the port area and designed as a cutting-edge logistics park providing a full range of infrastructure and security and telecommunications services for businesses, will occupy a total of 54 hectares when the expansion project awarded to abertis logística is finished. The company will invest E60 Mn over the next six years to develop ZAL II. In the international arena, abertis logística signed an agreement with the Portuguese government in 2006 to build and run a 100 hectare, multimodal logistics park in the town of Vila Franca de Xira, 25km northeast of Lisbon. The first buildings are expected to be ready for marketing and use within a period of three years after the last building permit is obtained. Total estimated investment once all work is completed is E240 Mn. In Chile, abertis logística recently announced an agreement with the ENEA Business Park in metropolitan Santiago to acquire a 63.3 hectare area of land on which to build a new logistics park. This new infrastructure stands out for its strategic location in Pudahuel district (Poniente Norte area) at the communications hub MADE up of the access routes to ports of Valparaíso (Route 68) and San Antonio (Route 78), the urban motorways Costanera Norte and Américo Vespucio and the access to Santiago de Chile international airport. The project is set to become operational in early 2009, when the first buildings will be marketed. Total estimated investment once all project work is completed is E186 Mn, which includes the cost of acquiring the land from ENEA. The planned investment for developing the park will be made gradually over the next 10 years and adapted to trends in demand.

Abertis Logística

abertis logística is the abertis Group business unit which specialises in developing and marketing logistic services infrastructure. The company plays a key role in abertis' strategy, by complementing its transport and mobility networks from a multimodal perspective. The company aims to create logistics communities in the areas where it operates, in order to enhance the creation of synergies and economies of scale among companies located in each of its logistics parks.


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