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Octopus Robots, 1st AgTech listed on the Paris Stock Exchange Listing by technical admission on Euronext AccessTM the14th of March 2018

Mardi 13 Mar 2018 à 18:00

Octopus Robots, an AgTech(1) pioneer in biosecurity, is pleased to announce its listing by technical admission on the ACCESS compartment of Euronext Paris (Euronext notice PAR_20180228_01589_ACC published on 28 February 2018)

Octopus Robots, a technological breakthrough for biosecurity

In a sensitive health context (new infectious diseases, recurrent health crises, bioûterrorist threats, world pandemic forecasts, antibiotic resistance development, etc.), Octopus Robots offers unique solutions to prevent, tackle and treat bio-contamination.

To this end, the startup has developed a range of robots that help to improve health security at food industry and industrial sites and establishments that are open to the public. Its range is based on innovative patented technology that is unique in the world, the atomisation of liquid substances in the form of dry fog (biocides, vaccines, crop protection products, etc.).

In the short term, it is the animal husbandry market including poultry farming that represents the greatest potential for sales for the company with an estimated market of 1 million buildings(2) to be treated around the world.

The Octopus Robots range is currently based on a mobile, connected, completely autonomous robot with modular Artificial Intelligence (AI) operational 24 hours a day thanks to its automated recharge base.

Octopus Robots started production on its first 10 robots in 4th quarter 2017.

This stock market listing will enable Octopus Robots to increase its notoriety quickly and diversify its funding sources in a second phase by appealing to the market as part of its rapid development.

Advantages of Octopus Robots

An AgTech company focusing on health security, a rapidly growing global market
  • A breakthrough technology with a flexible, autonomous, intelligent robot with a patented nebulisation system for targeted, mobile sanitation
  • A company managed by experts in agricultural and health innovation
  • A solid response to fight the growing global health issue of antibiotic resistance through poultry farming
  • Poultry farming, a first gigantic market: 80 leading global agri-food groups = 350,000 livestock buildings
  • Major players in poultry farming in France and abroad have expressed their intentions to order
On the road to growth
  • 2018 projected turnover of €5.3 million
  • 1 patent filed (atomisation) and 2 patents pending
  • Winner of the INNOV'SPACE 2016 award
  • Winner of the AGROFARM MOSCOW 2018 innovation award
  • Partnerships with major French industrial groups
  • A project that has already generated a strong appetite among investors

(1) AgTech: company specialised in state-of-the-art technology to help agriculture and the food industry.
(2) Source: Zion research analysis 2016

Press coverage: http://octopusrobots.com/presse-octopus

Terms of the operation

ISIN: FR0013310281
Mnemo: MLOCT
Listing procedure: Technical admission
Number of shares in registered capital: 1,765,944
Number of shares sold: 15,000
Sale price per share: €15.07
Amount of sale: €226.01 K;
Valuation adopted for listing: €26,608 K;
First listing: 14 March 2018
Start of trading: 15 March 2018
Eligibility for PEA (equity savings plan) and SME PEA: yes

Listing sponsor: Atout Capital

The operation does not require approval from the AMF (French FINANCIAL markets authority). Therefore, the Information Document has not been approved by the AMF. The Information Document is available free of charge at the headquarters of OCTOPUS ROBOTS. It can be downloaded at http://octopusrobots.com/investisseurs/

Companies admitted to Euronext Access are not subject to the same rules as companies on the regulated market. Rather, they are subject to a less extensive body of rules adapted to small growth businesses. The risk associated with an investment on Euronext Access may therefore be greater than investing in a company of the regulated market.

About Octopus Robots - www.octopusrobots.com

A French AgTech company, Octopus Robots specialises in the design, manufacture, and marketing of versatile, autonomous mobile robots featuring proprietary artificial intelligence.

These robots are equipped with a patented device to decontaminate large-volume spaces (livestock buildings, agro-industries, establishments open to the public, airports, etc.).

This solution effectively combats multi-resistant bacteria, pandemics and bioterrorism. Multiple on-board sensors ensure full data traceability.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/octopusrobots/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/octopusrobots
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/OCTOPUSROBOTS
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/octopus-robots
Press kit: www.octopusrobots.com/presse/

Euronext Paris ACCESS compartment
ISIN code: FR0013310281, Mnemo: MLOCT
Eligible for equity savings plan for SMEs



Olivier Somville - CEO
ATOUT CAPITAL- Listing Sponsor
Cédric Beudin
CAP VALUE - Press Relations
Gilles Broquelet 01 80 81 5 0 01

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