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The AKKA Technologies Group is set to strengthen its organisation around its three Business Units in order to drive its international development

Mercredi 29 Nov 2017 à 19:05


The Board of Directors of the AKKA Technologies Group has decided to strengthen its organisational structure in view of its Clear 2022 strategic plan. As part of this project, the Group headquarters will be in Brussels, the France Business Unit will be managed from Paris and the German holdings will be brought together under the AKKA Germany Business Unit. The International Business Unit which includes the Group entities in the rest of Europe will be located in Brussels.

The Group has enjoyed strong growth over recent years, building up European leadership based on a Franco-German footing that generates up to 80% of its revenue, in equal parts. This European dynamic was the reason for its conversion into a European Company (SE) in 2015.

Maurice Ricci, founder and ceo of the AKKA Technologies Group states: “France will form a more autonomous organisation, Germany's new organisation is to take full advantage of its new dimension, and we anticipate the next boost in our international development through the reinforcement of AKKA International and the transfer of the Group's headquarters to the heart of Europe to take the project through to the next stage.”

AKKA France, the company's historically largest market, will benefit from a strengthened management TEAM tasked with bringing the development project to market and promoting its operational excellence whilst ensuring full representation with French clients and regulatory bodies. AKKA Germany will combine the various brands and companies in Germany along with their portfolio, and support the deployment of the Group's expertise in terms of mobility, digital and embedded computing through Gigatronik. AKKA International, from its base in Belgium, will support local development in the European countries and roll out the Group's processes and know-how in managing major transnational projects around its Franco-German base. Brussels will incorporate Group headquarters, governance and most transverse management functions.

The Group aims at finalising all related operations by early May 2018. The proposed transfer will be registered with the offices of the Paris Commercial Court in the coming days. The provisional schedule and details of the various processes are set out in the mandatory legal notice bulletin, the BALO (Bulletin des Annonces Légales et Obligatoires) of early December.

The transfer notice will also available on-line once the project has been registered with the offices of the Paris Commercial Court:


Upcoming events

Presentation of the CLEAR 2022 strategic plan: Tuesday 30 January 2018

Publication of 2017 revenue: Wednesday 7 February 2018

Publication of 2017 results: Tuesday 20 March 2018

About AKKA Technologies

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Let's share our passion for technology.”

Founded in 1984, AKKA Technologies today ranks as the European leader in engineering consulting and R&D services in the field of mobility. With more than 15,000 talented employees working in more than 20 countries, the Group recorded revenue of €1.1 billion in 2016.

A partner in innovation, AKKA Technologies boasts a prestigious customer portfolio featuring leading companies in the automotive, aerospace and rail sectors, as well as in life sciences, services, telecommunications and defence. The list includes Airbus Group, Alstom, BMW, Daimler, GlaxoSmithKline, Renault, Safran, Thales, Volkswagen and Volvo.

AKKA Technologies provides technological solutions to these major groups, enabling them to improve their innovation processes, their added value, their productivity and their efficiency when designing new products or processes, right through to the industrial production phase. Its unique geographical positioning around its Franco-German axis, its capacity to deliver cross-sector and transnational solutions and its in-depth expertise in the technologies of the future (AI, ADAS, IoT, Big Data, robotics, embedded computing, machine learning, etc.) allow it to assist its customers in their two key challenges, namely globalisation and digitisation. Digital technologies and the technologies of the future today represent 15% of AKKA's revenue.

AKKA Technologies is listed on Euronext Paris – Segment B – isin code: FR0004180537.

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