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2016, a year rich in developments

Jeudi 02 Mar 2017 à 18:00

Libourne - 28 February 2017 – Fermentalg, an industrial biotechnology company that specializes in the production of oils, proteins and pigments derived from microalgae, can look back on an upbeat year in 2016.

Focus on the commercialization of Fermentalg's first products

In keeping with the ambition announced at the time of the company's IPO to give priority to markets with a very high value-added, Fermentalg has decided to focus its scientific and commercial efforts on 5 target products:

  • DHA, an essential fatty acid (Omega-3) with a concentration rate of between 35% (DHA35) and 60% minimum (DHA60);
  • Natural coloring agents such as Phycocyanine (natural blue pigment) and Astaxanthine (natural red pigment);
  • An algal protein rich in antioxidants.

These products, which are primarily intended for the food and feed and human and animal health markets, currently offer the fastest and most attractive market prospects amongst the numerous potential target clients identified by the company.

DHA35 at industrial scale

2016 saw Fermentalg above all invest in the industrialization of its most advanced product, DHA35. After signing a development and production agreement with its partner ARD, the company has been able to produce its first batches of DHA-enriched microalgae oil on an industrial scale, which were sample tested with several potential partners at the start of 2017.

Completion of the building for the future Industrial Development Unit in Libourne

Fermentalg took the delivery of the infrastructure and building of its future production unit in Libourne at the end of 2016.

Carbon sink partnership with SUEZ

Beyond the production of oils, proteins and pigments, Fermentalg has identified another major potential application for its technology that uses microalgae to capture CO2. The company has joined forces with the SUEZ Group to create the 1st "carbon sink" solution.

After the worldwide avant-premiere of a new prototype at the COP21 Solutions exhibition at the end of 2015, a test unit was set up at a wastewater treatment facility in the Paris region in January 2017.

Stronger governance

To accelerate its commercial development, Fermentalg appointed Philippe Lavielle to the position of Chairman and ceo in November 2016.

An expert in the management of innovative businesses, primarily within the biotech sector, he notably spent more than 20 years with Genencor, one of the leading architects in industrial enzymes acquired by DuPont, before being appointed President and CEO of VIRDIA, a company specializing in the development of innovative industrial solutions in the production of biofuels and bioproducts.

Cash assets of €15.7 million at the end of 2016

Revenue in the form of FINANCIAL contributions from Fermentalg partners amounted to €0.14 million in 2016 as against €0.48 million in 2015.

After investments for the period, including €6.5 million devoted to the industrial scale-up of DHA35 and the completion of the IDU building, gross cash amounted to €15.7 million at the end of 2016.

About Fermentalg

Based in Libourne (Gironde), Fermentalg is an industrial biotechnology company and a global leader in the production of oils, proteins and pigments derived from the fermentation of microalgae. Its primary markets are the food and feed markets. Fermentalg shares are listed on Euronext in Paris (FR0011271600 - FALG). For more information, visit the Fermentalg website at: www.fermentalg.com.

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