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PRE-IPO : Launch of AlzProtect's fundraising

Mercredi 21 Sep 2016 à 17:00

PRE-IPO, operated by Invest Securities, is the first crowdequity platform specialized in the last companies' fundraising round before their IPO, alongside individuals and professional investors. Invest Securities benefits from a recognized expertise on several fields: life sciences, environment and real estate. It is also the first European listing sponsor with 34 IPOs on alternext and 24 on Euronext.

The 21st of September is the World Alzheimer's Day. On this occasion, is introducing the company AlzProtect. This company is raising €1 million on the platform, to strengthen the research.

AlzProtect – A step forward in the Alzheimer's disease research

AlzProtect, produces and develops a “first-in-class” molecule called AZP2006. It is a major step forward in the treatment of the Alzheimer's disease, and by extension, in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. This drug candidate is protected by 4 families of patents and obtained the status of orphan drug for the PSP (progressive supranuclear palsy) in Europe. The action of AZP2006, which is entering in phase 1b, consists of restoring the autophagy mechanism. As a matter of fact, AZP2006 has the ability to attack the 3 toxins (Tau, Abeta and oxidative stress), principal causes of Alzheimer's disease.

Pierre Besançon, an historical shareholder of the company, will participate in this new fundraising and affirms with strength that “this purge mechanism is central and vital. It could become the therapeutic base of every neurodegenerescences”. Convinced by the interest of AZP2006, he adds that: “The PSP is an ideal Trojan horse to reach the market, and AlzProtect's product responds ideally to the specifications”.

Alzheimer's disease

Cognitive faculties' alteration, loss of autonomy.

  • In 1980: 11 million people affected by the disease in the world.
  • In 2004: 25 million people.
  • In 2015: 35.6 million people.
  • In 2030 this number should reach 65.7 million people.

Every 20 years, the affected population is multiplied by 2.


Regarding Invest Securities (

Invest Securities is an independent group with 110 associates exercising every professions of an investment bank, a brokerage firm and wealth management, thanks to 4 structures :

  • Invest Corporate Finance: Structuring transactions, advisory firm for quoted companies, family businesses, in Europe and in China.
  • Invest Securities - Société de Bourse: Investment Services Provider (PSI) regulated by the ACPR-Banque de France.
  • Amplegest: Wealth management, Multi Family Office and Asset Management, regulated by the MFA (Market Financial Authorities).
  • Sully Patrimoine Gestion: Wealth Management



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Investors Relations Supervisor 
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Communication Director
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