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Lundi 11 Jul 2016 à 17:45

Flexible composite materials: up 8.5%

SergeFerrari Group (FR0011950682) creates, manufactures and distributes innovative flexible composite materials and is listed on Euronext Paris - Compartment C.

Saint Jean de Soudain, July 11, 2016

Revenue breakdown by region (unaudited)

(€'000) Q2 2016 Q2 2015 Change H1 2016 H1 2015 Change
Southern Europe (SEUR) 16,648 15,845 5.1% 31,553 29,497 7.0%
Wide Europe (WEUR) 16,876 15,188 11.1% 29,014 27,348 6.1%
Rest of World (ROW) 10,851 10,718 1.2% 20,864 18,234 14.4%
Total flexible composite materials 44,375 41,751 6.3% 81,431 75,079 8.5%
Other products 1,825 1,956 -6.7% 3,583 3,914 -8.5%
Total revenues 46,200 43,707 5.7% 85,014 78,993 7.6%

Second quarter 2016 composite materials sales increased by 6.3% compared to the same period in 2015.

Revenues grew by 8% in terms of volumes; exchange rate fluctuations and the change in the mix/price effect had a negative impact of 0.5% and 1.2% respectively on the change in sales compared to 2015.


The Group is continuing to expand its sales force, both in terms of headcount (which increased from 139 employees as of December 31, 2015 to 145 as of June 30, 2016), as well as improving the efficacy of its sales initiatives (roll-out of a strategic planning process, differentiation of performance indicators by level of responsibility held).

The Group has confirmed its 2018 target of €215 million in revenues and a 15% ebitda margin.

Shareholder structure

Following the internal reclassification operations carried out on June 10, 2016, the family Group holds 69.4% of SergeFerrari Group's share capital (unchanged), of which 62.1% via Ferrari Participations. Sébastien and Romain Ferrari directly hold 0.9% and 6.4% respectively of the SergeFerrari Group share capital.

Next press release: First half 2016 results
September 15, after market close

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Philippe Brun
Chief Financial Officer, Board Member
Amalia Naveira/Marie-Claude Triquet
Actus Lyon
Tel.: 00 33 4 72 18 04 93


Serge Ferrari Group designs, makes and distributes high-tech eco-responsible flexible composite materials in a global market with an estimated medium-term value of €31 billion. The unique characteristics of these products make them ideal for technical applications in three fields: architecture, specialties for industry professionals, and composite membranes for the consumer market. The Group's principal competitive advantage lies in its differentiating technology – Précontraint® - and its associated proprietary industrial know-how. The Group has three production sites: one in France and two in Switzerland. Serge Ferrari is present in 80 countries through four subsidiaries (in the US, Japan, Hong Kong, Brazil), 5 representative offices (in Spain, Turkey, China, Singapore and Dubai) and a network of more than 100 distributors. At the end of 2015, Serge Ferrari posted consolidated revenue of €148,4 million of which 75% was achieved outside France. The company SergeFerrari Group is listed on Euronext Paris – Compartment C (isin code: FR0011950682). The SergeFerrari Group share is eligible for PEA-SME and FCPI Investment.

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