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CMI and INNOVEOX sign a commercial partnership in the domains of nuclear waste management and dismantlement

Lundi 06 Jun 2016 à 08:15

The nuclear industry is seeking new technologies and know-how in order to handle the issue in waste management, decontamination, dismantling and cleansing. Numerous investments are expected in these matters.

It is with this in mind that the teams of CMI and INNOVEOX got together in order to jointly respond to new calls for tender in France, Belgium and internationally.

Started some weeks ago, the partnership has already led to a first commercial success with a major player in nuclear energy.

Thanks to the complementary nature of their expertise, Innoveox and CMI Services are able to formulate a comprehensive offering to nuclear operators – in conception and execution – both for installations in service and for dismantling.

The fact that CMI has installations in more than 17 countries, along with the innovations of the INNOVEOX group, and in particular its SYNEOX subsidiary (industrial robotics, automated inertia process via ceramics, the treatment of liquid waste by OHTS*) should lead to a more rapid deployment of these technologies on new markets and in new geographical zones. CMI Services will make use of the experience it has accumulated in nuclear maintenance, in studies, manufacturing, project management and on-site interventions.

Franck Pasqualini, Director General of CMI Services, details: “By bringing together the accumulated experience of CMI in providing services to nuclear sector, and the technological solutions developed by Innoveox, we are able to supply turnkey solutions to nuclear operators. We are able to immediately offer innovative solutions to the market within the complex and demanding domain of waste management and dismantling ».

Jean-Christophe Lépine, Chairman and Managing Director of INNOVEOX, is happy to be working together with a large scale industrial company such as CMI : “This is an important step in bringing a more concrete industrial and commercial dimension to our group in the nuclear domain”.

About CMI (Cockerill Maintenance & Ingénierie)

CMI designs, integrates, modernizes and maintains equipment in the domains of energy, defence, steelmaking, the environment and industry in general. CMI accompanies its clients throughout the whole of the life-cycle of their equipment, to improve their economic, technical and environmental performance. CMI offers many advantages: a unique combination of experience in engineering, maintenance and technical international project management, and a capacity for innovation focused on the concrete needs of its clients. In 2015, CMI turned over more than 1.3 billion Euros and had a highly qualified workforce of 4,700 in Africa, Brazil, China, the United States, Europe, India, Mexico, Canada, New Caledonia, China and Russia.
CMI is a member of the Nucleopolis and PNB poles, and thus bears the label ‘Nuclear Expertise from France'.

A propos d'INNOVEOX

Innoveox offers a turnkey technological solution to industrialists for treating and using special waste materials by using the Hydro-Thermal Oxydation in Super-critical environments technique, at positive energy (OHTS). Innoveox is the owner, at worldwide level, of this technology developed by the CNRS, a shareholder of the company. The company is quoted on Alternext.

Its subsidiary, Syneox, is an innovative SME specializing in robotic systems for the exploitation, dismantling and conditioning of waste materials from the nuclear channel.

Syneox is a partner of CNRS Limoges (Science of Ceramic Processes and Surface Treatment) and a member of the Aquitaine Robotics cluster.

Press contacts
General and economic press : +32 475 30 22 52
Specialized press : +33 6 8048 2446
Press relations - Innoveox : Tel. +33 1 53 67 36 73

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