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Artprice's Annual Report on the Art Photography Market for Paris Photo

Mercredi 11 Nov 2015 à 17:35

Artprice's Annual Report on the Art Photography Market for Paris Photo
Artprice is presenting its exclusive 18th Annual Report on the Global Photography Market at Paris Photo, the French capital's annual photography fair. The report includes a market ranking of the Top 200 photographers.

Artprice, world leader in Art Market information, takes a look back over the rapid emergence of the art photography market and is presenting its exclusive 18th Annual Report on the Global Photography Market – including a market ranking of the Top 200 photographers – at Paris Photo.
The 19th edition of Paris Photo, the world's leading photography fair, will take place at the Grand Palais from 12 to 15 November. The superb Parisian venue with its majestic nave will host 172 galleries from 34 countries and several thousand photographs.

According to thierry Ehrmann, Founder and ceo of Artprice, Paris Photo has the ambition of being much more exciting than the FIAC itself by addressing a much broader spectrum of potential buyers. Photography is an important segment of the Art Market with enormous potential because it opens the art market's doors to young COLLECTORS in the upper socio-professional category who would have had to wait until their forties to start a collection of paintings, sculptures and installations.

A more affordable medium than painting, sculpture or even drawing, photography appeals to a large number of amateur art buyers and collectors, particularly now that it has acquired the status of a Fine Art medium like any other
Today, after decades in the shadows, photography has been clearly accepted into the sphere of Fine Art, and a number of factors bear witness to this acceptance: all the major auctioneers operating in the Fine Art market now produce catalogues exclusively dedicated to photography. Prestigious public sales of photography are nowadays a permanent fixture in the global Fine Art auction calendar.

Photography has also opened up new opportunities for artists many of whom now use it to capture works that are by nature ephemeral and un-reproducible, such as performances. Thanks to photography these artists not only gain access to a new source of revenue, they also gain international recognition.

Likewise for large-scale sculptures and monumental installations that can only really be acquired by major institutions and collectors (limiting the commercial return for their creators). By bringing these works to a wider audience, photography provides an additional source of income.

Lastly, databanks now allow the historical and real-time tracking of the number of copies sold, or offered for sale, of a given photo. Since its acquisition of Falk's ArtPrice Index USA.1987, the oldest and most exhaustive database in ths field, Artprice, world leader in Art Market information, is now ideally placed to exploit this technology.

Today, the prints of some photographs change hands for several million euros. The market has been slow to reach tat level, but it is a level that is becoming increasingly common.

Initially reserved for extremely rare historical photos and vestiges of the emergence of a “new technique”, most of the highest auction results are now generated by Contemporary artists.

The Contents of Artprice's 2015 Annual Report on the Art Photography Market is downloadable online and free of charge in PDF format at:
Photography price index (January 1998 – October 2015)
Geographical distribution of auction turnover from the sale of photographs
Global art auction turnover, by medium
The top prices ever paid at auction in the photography segment
Ranking of photographers by number of results over a million dollars (including fees), Each artist's auction record is also indicated
Auction turnover from photos 1998 - 2014.
Breakdown per price range of photographs sold at auction.
Top 200 photographers at auction – all figures include fee (July 2014 – June 2015)

Key figures for the art photography market:

- Photography's price index grew 48% between 2000 and 2015
- In the first six months of 2015, half of the photographs sold fetched under $1,560
- The average auction price for a photograph is $10,000 compared with $60,000 for a painting
- The US accounted for over half of the global auction turnover in this medium (54%)
- China, the number 2 art market in the world, accounted for just 1.2% of photography turnover
- The world auction record for a photograph is $9.4 million (The New Jeff Koons (1980))
- Only 20 artists have sold at auction above the $1 million threshold (c) 1987-2015 thierry Ehrmann

About Artprice:
Artprice is listed on the Eurolist by Euronext Paris, srd long only and Euroclear: 7478 - Bloomberg: PRC - Reuters: ARTF.

Artprice is the global leader in art price and art index databanks. It has over 30 million indices and auction results covering more than 604,000 artists. Artprice Images(R) gives unlimited access to the largest Art Market resource in the world: a library of 118 million images or prints of artworks from the year 1700 to the present day, along with comments by Artprice's art historians.

Artprice permanently enriches its databanks with information from 4,500 auctioneers and it publishes a constant flow of art market trends for the world's principal news agencies and approximately 7,200 international press publications. For its 3,600,000 members, Artprice gives access to the world's leading Standardised Marketplace for buying and selling art.

Discover the Alchemy and the universe of Artprice, which headquarters are the famous Museum of Contemporary Art, the Abode of Chaos
News Artmarket:
The 2014 Art Market Report contains the famous Artprice ranking of the world's 500 most sought-after artists, the top 100 auction results, market breakdowns by country and by city, by period and by medium, Artprice indices and 21 chapters that provide an uncompromising analysis of the Art Market. It is available free of charge in PDF format at
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