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Electro Power Systems launches operations in San Francisco: Marco Terruzzin appointed Managing Director for North and Latin America

Jeudi 22 Oct 2015 à 08:00

Paris, 22 October 2015Marco Terruzzin is the new Managing Director for North and Latin America of Electro Power Systems, the forerunner of smart oxygen and hydrogen-based integrated systems for clean energy storage, recently listed on the French regulated market. In addition to the organisation and management of the new American branch in San Francisco, Terruzzin will also look after the strategic management aspect with responsibility for developing the business and the sales network.

Marco Terruzzin, a 42 year-old graduate in mechanical engineering from Padua, with a Doctorate in Energy Economics and an MBA from the University of Virginia, has remarkable experience in the energy sector and an extensive knowledge of the complex dynamics of the American and Asian markets. Fifteen years of experience gained with major management consulting and energy players: after a beginning in management consulting with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, he joined Edison, one of the largest electric utilities, as marketing manager. He then moved to Zurich and London at Pöyry, international consulting company, to serve as manager for global clients across the energy sector and in 2006 was called on by GE as renewable energy expert for the Wind Energy division in the USA. From 2007 to 2014 he has been working between New York and Shanghai as Managing Director at Evolution Markets, world's largest environmental brokerage firm.

North America is a transformational market for the EPS scaling up – states Marco Terruzzin, Managing Director for North and Latin America of Electro Power Systemsthanks to its supportive regulatory environment for grid-support applications and massive renewable energy growth, which requires innovative energy storage solutions. This is a unique opportunity to position HyESS, the Hybrid Energy Storage System developed by EPS, into the most vibrant and dynamic market worldwide for behind and in-front of meter applications. With a current price already below 250$/kWh, EPS owns today the most cost effective, clean and flexible technology capable to fulfil the largest range of services that any modern grids need.”

It is a pleasure to have Marco Terruzzin – comments Luca Dal Fabbro, Chairman of Electro Power Systems - as part of our top management team led by our CEO Carlalberto Guglielminotti. His experience, international background and skills in the energy and cleantech sector are a fundamental asset to develop a complex market as the USA”.

About Electro Power Systems

Founded in 2005 as spin-off of the Politecnico of Turin (Italy) and pioneer of hydrogen technologies, Electro Power Systems (EPS) is a forerunner of sustainable energy applications, and specialized in energy storage systems. The main areas of focus of the Group are integrated solutions for energy and backup applications in the ICT and data center industry, grid support in countries with heavy penetration of renewables sources, and off-grid power generation in emerging economies. In a nutshell, clean energy storage solutions, at a lower cost, with no need for subsidies.

EPS is today listed on the French regulated market of Euronext, with headquarters in Paris, R&D and Manufacturing in Italy (Turin) and premises in the USA (California and Michigan). In 2010 EPS started the development of the first oxygen and hydrogen battery worldwide, a system able to store massive amounts of energy at a cost lower than any other solution in the market. This innovative technology, covered by 123 patents and patents applications worldwide, is able to store energy exploiting exclusively the water cycle, without any emission or toxic or heavy metals. Since 2012 the product has been pre-commercialized and so far EPS has installed in aggregate 579 systems, 31.7 MWh of energy stored in 18 countries worldwide, including Europe, USA, Australia, China, Indonesia, India and South Africa.

The Group led by Carlalberto Guglielminotti as CEO, supported by Luca Dal Fabbro, Giuseppe Artizzu and Ilaria Rosso, is a global organization which counts 61 human resources and partners between Europe, South Africa, USA and Singapore, of which 37 people involved in research and development projects.

The huge effort in R&D enabled the development of a unique technology, covered by patents in 48 countries worldwide, granting to the Group the possibility to be named “World Technology Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum, included in the 100 Cleantech Global by the Cleantech Group but also selected between the worldwide excellences by the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco and Rotterdam.

To enhance the phase of development and global commercialization, the Group has successfully completed in April 2015, with the support of Société Génerale as Global Coordinator, the Initial Public Offering of its shares on the regulated market Euronext Paris with a market capitalization of Euro 52 million euros.

For more information electropowersystems.com

For further information:

Investor Relations Press & Media – France Press & Media – Italy
Francesca Cocco
Tel. +33 (0) 970 467 135
e-mail: fc@electropowersystems.com
Anne-Pauline PETUREAUX
Tel. +33 1 53 67 36 72
e-mail : apetureaux@actus.fr
Charlotte Noailles- Relations Presse
Tel. + 33 1 53 67 36 94
e-mail : cnoailles@actus.fr
Roberto Grattagliano – Federica Scalvini
Tel : +3902-54123452 – +39 338 9291793
e-mail: roberto.grattagliano@mypr.it

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