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Valtech's first Investor Day is a success

Mardi 07 Jul 2015 à 09:30

Paris (France) 7 July 2015Valtech SE [Euronext Paris: FR0011505163 - LTE], first independent European agency in digital and technology marketing, successfully held the first edition of its Investor Day on July 2nd, 2015.

During this event, the company's management put into perspective its enormous market potential and outlined its vision for customer experience, a major challenge in the era of the digital transformation of companies and brands, to bridge the gap between their business strategies and today's consumer expectations.


Sebastian Lombardo, Valtech's CEO, said:

« The present era is particularly exciting and interesting for players of digital transformation such as Valtech: while companies previously faced issues related to distribution or gains in productivity, increasing market share now depends only on their ability to offer real consumer experiences. In this ‘experience economy' Valtech is one of the few players who has all the skills necessary to partner with major companies in their journey towards success: vision, talent, entrepreneurship, methodology, tools and experience from global projects. »


For this first edition, Valtech had the pleasure and honour to welcome Jean-Paul Agon, CEO of L'Oréal, who came to speak, with Sebastian Lombardo, about the digital transformation of the global luxury brand, and the reasons for choosing Valtech as a reference partner for the digital transformation of L'Oréal.

« Digital has completely changed the relationship with the consumer, with whom it was previously very difficult to establish a close relationship. Industries are at an inflection point where digital experiences are redefining how consumers engage in a relationship with brands. From 2010, we recognized the need for the group to quickly embark on its digital transformation, under penalty of missing out on developments in economic models generated by this profound transformation of the economy that is just beginning. »
Asked about the reasons for choosing Valtech as a strategic partner of L'Oréal, Jean-Paul Agon said:

« As this is a critical issue for the group, we chose to engage in this strategic move with Valtech, because we wanted, on our side, a long term partner who is a true specialist in digital marketing, and associated technologies. Their vision of the customer experience and their very business-oriented approach to the challenges of digital transformation helped us confirm our choice. With Valtech's help, we're trying to re-imagine L'Oréal's consumer experience to get closer to our customers and meet their much higher expectations. »


During the event, Valtech shared the current major trends in digital marketing with the financial community:

  • The new usage on Mobile, which requires a rethink on the user experience and engagement ;
  • Retail+, with the rise of omnichannel retail, driven by experience ;
  • Connectivity, with the emergence of the Internet of things and associated data.

Olivier Padiou, the Group's COO, presented Valtech's position and offer, built around AgileTM Marketing and focused on the orchestration of customer experiences that are coherent, consistent and frictionless, based on a holistic vision and increased technology integration that is able to constantly evolve.

Jean-Christophe Hermann, the Group's EVP-Retailing, illustrated Valtech's avant-garde approach for players in retail, aimed at achieving excellence in omnichannel retailing and customer experience.

Finally, Laurent Pretet, the Group's CFO, spoke about Valtech's drivers of growth and profitability that will help achieving the objectives of the Rocket plan 2017: 250M€ to 260M€ in turnover, combining double-digit organic growth and targeted acquisitions, and 11% to 12% adjusted(1) ebitda margin.

The presentation of the first Valtech Investor Day is available on Valtech's website,, ‘Investors' space, ‘Financial Documents' section.



  • 2Q 2015 turnover: Thursday 16th July 2015
  • Half-yearly results of 2015: Monday 31st August 2015
  • 3Q 2015 turnover: Wednesday 21st October 2015

All publications will happen after the closure of the Euronext markets.


Valtech [Euronext Paris: FR0011505163 - LTE] is a digital marketing agency, pioneer in technology with a presence in 10 countries (France, UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, United States, India, Australia, Singapour and Switzerland) and approximately 1500 employees. As a "digital full service" player, Valtech knows how to add value to its customers at all stages of a digital project: strategy consulting, design, graphic design, development and optimization of business-critical digital platforms. Thanks to its recognized commitment to innovation and agility, Valtech helps brands to develop and grow their business with web technologies while optimizing time to market and return on investment (ROI).

Mr Sebastian Lombardo
ACTUS – Nicolas Bouchez
 +33 1 53 67 36 74

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