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THEOLIA's General Meeting of Shareholders

Vendredi 19 Jun 2015 à 18:00

THEOLIA's Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders was held on Friday June 19, 2015, chaired by Mr. Michel Meeus, Chairman of the Board of Directors, in the presence of the Statutory Auditors and all the Directors in office or candidates for this position.

A quorum of 53.4% has been reached, based on the number of shares held by shareholders present, represented or having voted by post.

All the resolutions submitted to the General Meeting were approved by majorities higher than 95.2%.

In particular, the General Meeting approved the parent company and consolidated FINANCIAL statements for 2014, appointed Mr. Jérôme Louvet as Director and renewed the mandates of Mr. Thibaut de Gaudemar and Mrs. Lilia Jolibois as Director.

The voting results are available on the Company's Website (Finance/General Meetings).

THEOLIA is an independent producer of wind energy, active over the entire wind value chain. The Group develops, builds and operates wind farms in four countries: Germany, France, Morocco and Italy. In total, the Group operates 1,192 MW for its own account and for third parties.


Elodie Fiorini
Communications & Investor Relations
Tel: +33 (0)4 42 906 596

French Société anonyme (public limited company with Board of Directors) with a share capital of €18,546,329.00
Registered office: 75 rue Denis Papin – BP 80199 - 13795 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 3 - France
Tel: +33 (0)4 42 904 904 – Fax: +33 (0)4 42 904 905 -
THEOLIA is listed on the compartment C of NYSE Euronext Paris, code: TEO

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