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2014 turnover of EUR 247.1m

Jeudi 05 Fév 2015 à 18:00

In line with expected trends for the year

Consolidated turnover (1 January - 31 December)

€m – unaudited 2014 2013 Change (%)
Q4 turnover 64.4 61.1 +5.4%
Total 12-month turnover 247.1 239.2 +3.3%

Q4 revenues up 5.4%

Tessi posted fourth quarter 2014 turnover of €64.4 million, up 5.4% from fourth quarter 2013.
At constant consolidation, fourth quarter turnover was down 2.1%.

CPoR Devises posted fourth quarter turnover of €10.7 million, down from €12.2 million in the same period last year. Tessi documents services posted turnover of €47.9 million, up €6.0 million from the previous period. Turnover growth included €4.6 million from Spanish-based Graddo. Tessi marketing services' turnover fell by €1.2 million to €5.8 million.

3.3% growth in 2014 turnover

Tessi's turnover for the full year rose €7.9 million from €239.2 million in 2013 to €247.1 million. At constant consolidation, turnover was down 1.5%.

  • CPoR Devises turnover fell by 13.5% from €51.7 million in 2013 to €44.7 million this year due to a slowdown in the gold trading business.
  • Tessi documents services posted turnover of €178.5 million, up €17.8 million or 11.1%. At constant consolidation, excluding the Graddo acquisition, turnover was up 4.0%.
  • Tessi marketing services posted turnover of €23.9 million, down from €26.9 million in 2013. Growth in the second half was insufficient to make up for the turnover decline in the first half.

Expansion in Group offering and initial steps abroad

Having acquired the Spanish company Graddo in May 2014, Tessi acquired Swiss company Gdoc in December 2014. Geneva-based Gdoc, a digital services company specialising in document management, reported 2014 turnover of SFR 11.2 million. The company has offices in Zurich, Madrid, London and Paris.

In December 2014, Tessi Group also purchased a minority stake in Spigraph Group, the leading French value-added distributor of document capture solutions and services in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

2015 trends

As in 2014, Tessi is committed to pursuing its growth strategy and maintaining its profit margins in 2015. Tessi will stay on the lookout for merger and acquisition opportunities in order to broaden its services offering or expand its geographical footprint.

Next release

2014 annual results,
on 9 April after stock market close

About Tessi:

  • Tessi is No. 1 document processing specialist in France
  • Listed on Euronext Paris Eurolist B - ISIN code – FR0004529147 – Ticker: TES
  • Head Office in Grenoble, France (38)
  • Founded in 1971 and taken over in 1979 by Marc Rebouah, current PDG
  • French No. 1 in check receipt and processing
  • French No. 1 in foreign exchange and gold trading
  • French No. 1 in managing deffered promotional operations

For further information visit: www.tessi.fr


Corinne Rebouah
Executive Secretary – Head of Communication
Tel. +33 (0)4 76 70 59 10
Amalia Naveira / Investors Relations
Marie Claude Triquet / Media Relations
Tel. + 33 (0)4 72 18 04 90

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