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Sustained growth rate - H1 2011 up 5.8%

Vendredi 05 Aoû 2011 à 18:00

Consolidated turnover (1st January – 30th June) – non-audited

In million euros 2011 2010 Growth in
1st half turnover 124.8 117.9 +5.8%

5.2% growth in 2nd quarter

The Tessi Group’s business remained very buoyant in Q2 with a consolidated turnover of €63.1m, representing a 5.2% increase with 4.2% generated by organic growth. At the end of 2010 and start of 2011, Tessi took over the firms Sakarah and Logidoc-Solutions and in June 2010 it acquired Goffin Bank’s exchange activities in Belgium.

Tessi Documents Services posted strong growth (+8.4%) at €39.2m. The activity of Tessi Marketing Services increased substantially (+4.9%) to €10m. CPoR Devises generated €13.9m, compared with €14.3m last year, due to an unfavourable base effect, the second quarter 2010 having been particularly high.

First half turnover reached €124.8m

Tessi saw its turnover increase by 5.8% over the half, 4.7% of which was generated by organic growth.
Each of the business units played a part in securing this overall gain.

  • Tessi Documents Services posted the strongest growth at €79.5m, or +8.1%.
  • Tessi Marketing Services increased by 1.7% to €19.7m.
  • CPoR Devises rose by 2.4% to €25.6m.

2011 trends

In 2011, Tessi is set to sustain a good growth drive by pursuing its acquisitions policy, which is geared towards strengthening each of its activities.

Next publication: 2001 H1 results on 5th September 2011 after trading.


About Tessi:

- Tessi is the document processing specialist in France
- 3,412 staff at the end of 2010
- 2010 sales: 235.2 M€
- Listed on Euronext Paris Eurolist B – isin Code: FR0004529147 – Symbol: TES
- Registered head office in Grenoble (38)
- Established in 1971 and acquired in 1979 by Marc Rebouah, current CEO
- N°1 in France in data acquisition and processing
- N°1 in France in deferred promotional management
- N°2 in France in check processing

For more information about the Group:



Corinne Rebouah
Executive Secretary – Financial Communications
Tel. +33 (0)4 76 70 59 10
Amalia Naveira/ Investor Relations
Marie Claude Triquet/ Press Relations
Tel. + 33 (0) 4 72 18 04 90

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