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New Voice Communications Category Re-emerges Spurred by Disruptive Technologies and New Business Models, Finds TMNG Global

Lundi 01 Aoû 2011 à 13:00

New TMNG Global report Redefines the Voice Communications Marketplace and its Evolution from Telephony to High Value Applications


WHAT: TMNG Global, a leading provider of professional services to the global communications, digital media, technology, and FINANCIAL services industries, today released a new whitepaper entitled, "The Renaissance of Voice: From Telephony to High Value Applications." TMNG's report defines how the next generation of 'voice as an application' has potential to transform the basic functions of the enterprise, leading to significant gains in productivity, efficiency, and quality of outcome.
WHY: New players are redefining the voice communications marketplace with disruptive technologies and new business models, and yesterday's battles over pricing and service bundles are disappearing. Today, the real economic driver is innovation. Just as voice has evolved from basic telephony over copper wires to voice over IP, it is now evolving towards voice applications that can run over multiple platforms and networks. Consequently, the battles will increasingly be fought over features and benefits of the applications; valued added services and accessibility; and strategic partnerships. Within this roiling ecosystem, a revolutionary business transformation is taking shape and voice has the potential to rise from the ashes of commoditization to ignite a growth market in new products and services for both consumers and enterprises.
  One of the most significant implications is the opportunity to transform the enterprise with communication-enabled business processes. New applications offer companies the ability to integrate voice into specific business functions as well as provide deep analytical insights into business operations, offering companies a level of information they have not had in the past. As some applications become game changers, the most successful innovators will become acquisition targets. While no one player will be able to navigate this new territory alone, the most successful companies will be those who strike the right partnerships at the right time. But the revolutionary nature of this business transformation means that the stakes are high and the challenges enormous.
WHO: Janet Hall, Sr. Consultant, TMNG Global and author of "The Renaissance of Voice: From Telephony to High Value Applications" is available to share her perspective on the re-invention of the new voice communications category and the implications for players that are positioning themselves to reap the opportunities in this new ecosystem.


The TMNG Global logo is available at

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