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Brembo acquiert le contrôle de Sabelt

Mercredi 20 Fév 2008 à 10:17

Stezzano, le 19 février 2008 - Brembo Spa et Sabelt Spa ont concrétisé la lettre d'intention du 6 septembre 2007 et ont signé aujourd'hui un accord de coentreprise dans le but d'intégrer et de développer leurs activités dans le secteur des composants tuning et des accessoires spéciaux pour les voitures et les motos.

Cette coentreprise, nommée Brembo Performance Spa, réunira les activités High Performance Kits de Brembo (systèmes de freins pour le tuning de voitures et de motos ; chiffre d'affaires 2007 d'environ 13 millions d'euros et ebitda d'environ 1,4 million d'euros) et toutes les actions de Sabelt Spa.

Prior to the execution of the agreement the Fashion business of Sabelt was spinned-off. The 2007 pro-forma data of the transferred activities show sales of about 17 million Euro, Ebitda of nearly 0.6 million Euro, with a net indebtedness of around 8 million Euro.

The JV contract provides a 50%-50% JV at first and then, by March 2008, the acquisition by Brembo of an additional 20% stake from the current Sabelt shareholders Marsiaj and d'Ormea, against payment of 6 million Euro that will be financed through the existing credit lines.

The new company will operate out of Sabelt production sites, at Moncalieri (Turin) and in Zilina (Slovakia), as well as Brembo factories and commercial subsidiaries in USA and Japan.

The contract provides also a put call in favour of the shareholders Marsiaj and d'Ormea, to be exercised not before 3 years and no later than 8 years.

Brembo Spa is an acknowledged world leader and innovator in the field of automotive disc brake technology. Brembo supplies high performance braking systems to the leading manufacturers of cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles the world over. The name of Brembo also enjoys unrivalled prestige in motor sport, with 200 world championship titles won to date in the role of OE supplier.

The company operates currently in 12 countries, with 25 production and business sites and a pool of over 5300 associates, 9% of whom are engineers and product specialists working in R&D, an area on which the company spends 5.2% of total turnover.

Brembo is owner of the Brembo, AP Racing and Marchesini brands.

Sabelt Spa, founded in 1972 by Piero and Giorgio Marsiaj, has become one of the leading makers of seat belts for both standard production and racing cars.

Armed with extensive expertise gained in the sector, Sabelt has in recent years extended its product range to include carbon seats (Ferrari, Aston Martin Racing), as well as fireproof racing suits and apparel worn by top rally and F1 drivers around the world.

The company operates in Europe, Japan and North America.

Great importance is given to research and development activity, in which Sabelt invests 6.5% of its sales revenue.

The manager responsible for preparing the company's FINANCIAL reports Corrado Orsi declares, pursuant to paragraph 2 of Article 154-bis of the Consolidated Law of Finance, that the accounting information contained in this press release corresponds to the document results, books and accounting records.

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