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Jeudi 29 Mar 2018 à 16:45

WALLIX Group, a software company providing cyber security and governance solutions for information systems access, has launched DataPeps, a new E2EE[1] encryption platform for data protection.

DataPeps is an “as a service” end-to-end encryption solution[2] that developers can easily and seamlessly integrate in all of their applications and infrastructures. DataPeps not only protects data from cyber attacks, it also ensures that applications comply with the future European General Data Protection Regulation, the GDPR. Down the line, DataPeps will enable users to widen the scope of encryption and protect data in the different forms in which it is used (file sharing, e-mails, social networks and online platforms, connected objects and smart home devices).

A simple and disruptive offer

At a time when cyber security is becoming crucial and data protection is a legal obligation, very few applications and communications tools are genuinely secure. The benefits of using data encryption are widely known but, for the most part, its implementation is incomplete and its actual use by developers remains limited due to a lack of expertise in cryptography. Generally speaking, it would appear that only the transfer of data is secure, which is why DataPeps offers end-to-end encryption to protect data stored on infrastructures or Cloud solutions.

Simplified GDPR compliance

Thanks to DataPeps, compliance with new European data protection regulations is simplified. User data is protected during transfer and storage and, even if breaches are successful, data is not visible to attackers. It is a solution that avoids any form of data leaks, whether intentional or not. Beyond the prevention of attacks, the GDPR also extends to respect for personal data, and notably the right of application users to manage their own personal information (view and delete information, etc.). DataPeps offers a unique portal that ensures editors are able to comply with the GDPR without the need for further development.

Accounts can already be created for developers and DevOps on the https://DataPeps.com platform which also features all of the documentation[3] needed to easily integrate DataPeps into all applications.

Henri Binsztok, Chief Innovation Officer in charge of the DataPeps offer, said: “With DataPeps, editors can secure their infrastructures and comply with regulations by simply integrating a few lines of code. The technology is based on a state-of-the-art method of encryption, elliptic encryption, which preserves data in the event of an attack on a server infrastructure and eliminates the risk of internal threats. DataPeps provides proven security features such as the formal verification of data integrity and authentication.

Commenting on the new offer in cyber security from WALLIX, Jean-Noël de Galzain, Chairman of WALLIX, said: “The DataPeps offer adds the finishing touches to the Group's Bastion technology and takes data security to a new level. Born out of the acquisition in 2016 of the assets and technology of MLstate, DataPeps is a disruptive and innovative product that protects both content and the exchange of data between users, whatever the equipment and whatever the context. It makes high-level encryption accessible to all solution and application developers.”


A software company providing cyber security solutions, WALLIX Group is the European specialist in privileged account governance.

In response to recent regulatory change (NIS/GDPR in Europe and OVIs in France) and the cyber security threats affecting all companies today, the WALLIX Bastion helps users protect their critical IT assets: data, servers, terminals and connected objects. WALLIX Bastion is the first market solution to have been awarded first-level security certification (CSPN) by France's National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI) and thus meet all of the criteria for regulatory compliance.

WALLIX accompanies close to 570 companies and organizations on a day-to-day basis. Its solutions are marketed through a network of more than 130 resellers and trained and accredited integrators. Listed on Euronext under the code ALLIX, WALLIX Group is a leader on the PAM market with a strong presence throughout Europe and EMEA countries. Alain Afflelou, Dassault Aviation, Gulf Air, Maroc Telecom, McDonald's, Michelin, and PSA Peugeot-Citroën trust WALLIX to secure their information systems.

WALLIX Bastion was a winner at the 2016 Computing Security Awards and has been rated Best Buy by SC Magazine, as well as being named among the PAM leaders in the Product and Innovation categories in the KuppingerCole 2017 Leadership Compass report. The company is a member of Bpifrance Excellence, a champion of the Pôle Systematic Paris Region cluster and a founding member of the Hexatrust grouping of cyber security companies. In 2017, WALLIX Group was included in Forbes France's Futur40 ranking of fastest-growing listed companies.

For more information, visit the WALLIX and DataPeps websites at: www.wallix.com and www.datapeps.com

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[1] End-to-end encryption

[2] DataPeps is a SaaS offer which combines a complete API (application Programming Interface) service operated by WALLIX with open source SDKs (Software Development Kits) that developers can integrate into their code.

[3] Direct link to documentation : https://datapeps.com/docs/sdk/js/

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