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Q1 Turnover 2016/2017 - Total Sales at EUR 11.93 million

Mercredi 20 Jul 2016 à 18:00

Significant points for 1st quarter:

  • Hardware activity is down. Significant N-1 base effect. A number of important tenders have recently been submitted and the Group is awaiting the results
  • Home Décor activity on the down; Unfavourable impact of the launch of new product lines by a key customer
  • Printing activity is buoyant and stands at +9.2% incorporating the adverse impact of exchange rate fluctuations

Q1 consolidated sales

Q1: April 1 – June 30 2016
Non audited 3 months 3 months    
In €M (estimated) 2016/2017 2015/2016 Var. €M %
Printing Activity 7.89 7.27 0.62 8.5%
Hardware Activity 4.04 6.22 -2.18 -35.1%
Total T1 11.93 13.49 -1.56 -11.6%
Total constant currencies 12.41 13.49 -1.08 -8.0%

The foreign exchange impact is mainly due to a sharp drop in the value of the South African Rand (21%) and to a lesser extent the fall in value of the Canadian Dollar against the Euro.

Prismaflex International Q1 2016/2017 sales stand at €11.93 million, down 11.6% (-8% at constant currencies) and can be analysed as follows:

  • Unfavourable base effect on Hardware; the German and US subsidiaries performed extremely well during the same period in N-1;
  • Last year S1 sales in Russia were high, whereas the Russian market is today depressed;
  • A drop in orders for Home Décor products from a key customer coupled with the launch of new product lines. The situation is expected to improve in S2.

Excluding Home Décor, Printing activity at €6.26 million (€5.74 million in N-1) is significantly up 9.2% at current exchange rates and +15.8% at constant currencies. Activity in South Africa and France is particularly good while sales in Canada are down.

Home Décor at €1.67 million is down for the period (€2.41 million in N-1), and the trend is forecast to continue into Q2 until our key customer has fully replaced its product lines.

Hardware activity (excluding Home Décor) stands at €4.0 million (€5.35 million in N-1). LED sign sales are stable at €1.16 million and a significant number of major projects are at the negotiation stage.


On June 30, 2016, order backlog, essentially for hardware stands at €5.3 million (€5.4 million in n-1) with a number of significant orders for the German zone.
In 2016, one of the Group's key challenges will be the acceleration in the change of its business model with a strong focus on digital products.

The Annual Shareholders' Meeting will take place on September 29, 2016 in Saint Clément les Places (69930) at 2.30pm. Next press release: Q2 sales, October 20, 2016 after closure.


Emmanuel Guzman - CFO - phone: +33 (0)4 74 70 68 00 – finance@prismaflex.com

Amalia Naveira – Analysts/Investors contact - phone: +33 (0)4 72 18 04 92 - anaveira@actus.fr
Marie-Claude Triquet – Press contact – phone: +33 (0)4 72 18 04 93 - mctriquet@actus.fr


ISIN : FR0004044600-ALPRI - Reuters : ALPRI.PA – Bloomberg : ALPRI.FP

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