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Electro Power Systems Group consolidates its presence in Asia Pacific, in partnership with Toshiba

Mercredi 11 Mai 2016 à 07:30

The Group has signed an agreement to provide 1MW storage system for a Hybrid Power Plant that will ensure sustainable energy supplies to a mining site in Australia.

Paris - Milan, 11 May 2016 – Electro Power Systems Group, technology pioneer of clean energy storage systems listed on the regulated market Euronext Paris, today announced the signing – through its subsidiary Elvi Energy – of a contract to supply a grid-scale energy storage solution in Australia.

The contract, granted to a company part of the Toshiba Group, involves the engineering, supply and installation of a turnkey energy storage solution for a Hybrid Power Plant in Australia. The plant will reduce electricity bills and carbon emissions of the current diesel generators that were used by the final user 24/7.
We're very proud to collaborate with a leading player such as Toshiba. This innovative storage solution is a great example of how our advanced technology enables utilities and power companies to harness the potential of renewable energy in off-grid locations, where renewables offer obvious advantages over fossil fuels.” said Carlalberto Guglielminotti, ceo of Electro Power Systems Group. “We're setting a new benchmark for many remote Asia-Pacific communities relying on diesel generators, expensive to run and vulnerable to the volatility of fuel prices”.

The Hybrid Power Plant manage a peak demand of more than 2MW, and once finalized will be mainly composed by 3MW solar panels, 2MW wind turbines, and coupled with the 1MW energy storage system. Commissioning of the energy storage system is expected in early 2017 and the Hybrid Power Plant would be able to cover approximately 70% of the loads, reducing dramatically the current diesel consumption.

The closing of the agreement confirms the convenience and reliability of the solutions we have already installed in the Asia-Pacific area, and represents a clear acknowledgement of our technological leadership - commented Paolo Morandi, Chairman of Elvi Energy and Senior Vice President of the EPS Group - Like many remote locations, this mining site relies on diesel-fired generators to provide electricity in a challenging environment, especially during the summer months when temperatures normally exceed 40 °C (104 °F)”.

The Hybrid Power Plant is expected to enter into service in 2017 and will contribute to meeting the rising demand for sustainable energy in Australia.

About Electro Power Systems
Electro Power Systems (EPS) is the pioneer of technology-neutral, integrated hybrid energy storage solutions for grid support in developed economies and off-grid power generation in emerging countries. The Group's mission is to unlock the energy transition, by mastering the intermittency of renewable energy sources. Through the seamless integration of the world best battery technologies to provide flexibility, and the Group's unique hydrogen and oxygen storage platform suitable for longer autonomy without resorting to diesel or gas-fueled generators, the group's technologies enable renewable energies to power 24/7 communities in a completely cleaner and less expensive solution.
EPS is today listed on the French regulated market of Euronext, and part of the CAC® Mid & Small and CAC® All-Tradable indices: with headquarters in Paris and R&D and manufacturing in Italy.

The Group has installed in aggregate 3MW of hydrogen systems, 8.7MW of Hybrid Power Plants, and 44.3MWh of energy storage capacity, for a total power output of 21.1MW deployed in 21 countries worldwide, including Europe, USA, Australia, China, Asia and Africa.

For more information www.electropowersystems.com

Media Relations Investor Relations Press & Media - France
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Head of Global Media Relations
Tel. +39 02 45435516
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e-mail: add@eps-mail.com
Francesca Cocco
Vice President Investor Relations
Tel. +33 (0) 970 467 135 –
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e-mail: fc@eps-mail.com
Caroline Lesage
e-mail : clesage@actus.fr
Alexandra Prisa
Tel. +33 1 53673679 /+ 33 1 53673690
e-mail : aprisa@actus.fr

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