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Logic Instrument secures a flexible bond financing of up to EURO 2 Million over three years

Mardi 27 Oct 2015 à 18:00

Domont, October 26th 2015

Logic Instrument secures a flexible bond financing of up to EURO 2 Million over three years

LOGIC INSTRUMENT announces that it has issued today, in the context of a reserved issuance to a category of investors, 4 note warrants (the “Note Warrants”), each allowing the company to issue, at its sole discretion and subject to certain conditions, over the course of the next 36 months, up to four sequential tranches of convertible notes. Each tranche shall give access to 50 convertible notes (the “Notes”) of aggregate value EUR 500,000 (EUR 10,000 per Note) assorted with equal parity share subscription warrants (the “Warrants”) for an aggregate principal amount of up to EUR 2 Million in Notes.

The Note Warrants have been entirely subscribed by Bracknor Fund Ltd.

Pierre Vannineuse, ceo of Bracknor Capital Ltd and Fund Manager of the Bracknor Fund Ltd commented: « BRACKNOR is proud to announce this cooperation with LOGIC INSTRUMENT. We consider the momentum of this partnership to be particularly relevant for both BRACKNOR and LOGIC INSTRUMENT in light of the current geopolitical context and the positive dynamics of the company's performance. »
Aboudi Gassam, Chairman & President of the Investment Committee at BRACKNOR and VP Business Development of the MS Group (Jeddah) commented: «Considering the current geopolitical context and the rising needs for cyber security solutions across the world for both governments and corporate entities, we are convinced that LOGIC INSTRUMENT, notably through the synergies with ARCHOS, has the potential of addressing the needs of a growing market ».

Loïc Poirier, CEO of LOGIC INSTRUMENT, declared: « We are very happy to announce this transaction which shall provide to Logic Instrument the financing solutions for the development of the Group».

LOGIC INSTRUMENT announces that one Note Warrant has already been exercised today, committing Bracknor to subscribe to a first tranche of Notes for an aggregate principal amount of EUR 500,000.

Purpose of the transaction
The issuance of the Note Warrants aims at providing the group with the necessary funding to conduct its development over the long term.

Note to the reader: This English language version is a free translation abstract from the official press release which is in French and is available on the company's corporate website. Technical details of the transaction are disclosed in the French version. In the event of inconsistencies between the original French language version and this English translation, the French version will prevail.


Created in 1987, LOGIC INSTRUMENT develops and sells tablets, smartphones and laptop computers for hostile environments and professional purposes. LOGIC INSTRUMENT operates on all continents. LOGIC INSTRUMENT is listed on Alternext Paris (ALLOG). www.logic-instrument.com

About the Bracknor Investment Group :
Bracknor Capital Ltd is the Investment Manager platform of the Private Mutual Fund Bracknor Fund Ltd. Bracknor's mandate is to invest globally in SMEs that bears unique competitive advantages and true potential, providing them with paramount working capital or growth capital needed to foster and ignite their growth.

Bracknor, through its Chairman, Mr Aboudi Gassam, is backed up by the Saoudi Group MS Group (Jeddah) – http://mscc.com.sa - and aim to activate intra portfolio synergies to bring relevant opportunities and cooperative developments to Bracknor's portfolio companies particularly in the GCC (Gulf Club Countries) Region.


Contacts Logic Instrument

Marketing: Daniel Schroeder (MarCom Mgr.), +33 1 39356198
d.schroeder@logic-instrument.com, linkedin.com/in/danielschroeder81

Investor relations: Loïc Poirier (CEO), poirier@archos.com

Contact Bracknor :


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