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Financial year 2014-2015 - Total sales at EUR 48.6 million

Mardi 05 Mai 2015 à 18:00

Significant points for the last quarter and for the year:

  • Printing activity continues to resist well
  • Hardware is affected by an unfavourable base effect and a number of price quotations still standing for decision
  • The strategy of innovation and the strengthening of manufacturing and marketing activities for LED boards are maintained

Annual Consolidated Sales Figures

April 1 2014 - March 31, 2015   Q4: Jan 1, 2015 - March 31, 2015
  12 Months 12 Months     3 Months 3 Months    
In €M (Audit in progress) 2014/2015 2013/2014 Var. €M Var.% Q4 15 Q4 14 Var. €M Var.%
Printing Activity 28.91 29.76 -0.85 -2.9% 7.43 7.12 0.31 4.4%
Hardware Activity 19.66 29.48 -9.82 -33.3% 4.69 10.66 -5.97 -56.0%
Total 12 months 48.57 59.24 -10.67 -18.0% 12.12 17.78 -5.66 -31.8%
Total (constant currencies) 48.50 59.24 -10.74 -18.1% 11.81 17.78 -5.96 -33.5%

Q4 activity is down 4.9% on N-2 figures and up 4.5% for the year.


Q4 sales stand at €12.12 million with contrasting results for the various activities. At €7.43 million, Printing continues to perform well despite a fall in activity at our UK subsidiary. Hardware, at €4.69 million, falls short of the high levels of activity recorded in 2013/2014.
2S figures are at €23.08 million compared with €33.46 million on the same period of the previous year and €24.49 million in N-2. 2014/2015 activity is hit by a flat hardware market despite the encouraging order backlog.

For the 12-month period, Printing, excluding Home Décor, remains stable at €22.19 million (€22.57 million for the previous year). Q4 activity is up 2.7% at €5.61 million. For the full period, and without the benefit of hindsight for activity in the UK following an upturn in sales thanks to new clients, overall results would be on the up.

Home Décor sales stand at €10.42 million compared with €11.73 million for the previous year. Q4 results are up 7.9% at €2.87 million. 2015/2016 forecasts are positive.

Hardware sales - excluding Home Décor - are at €15.95 million compared with €24.93 million for n-1. Q4 activity at €3.63 million is penalised by a high base effect (€9.65 million for the previous year). Despite promising Q1 street furniture activity, the full hardware range records a slowdown in activity compared with the same period for the previous year. Sales of LED boards have yet to benefit from the numerous price quotations still standing for decision while our clients increasingly position digital technologies at the heart of their business strategies.

Prismaflex International forecasts a balanced current operating profit for the 2014/2015 FINANCIAL year.



On March 31, 2015, order backlog, essentially for hardware is at €8.1 million (€8.4 million for 2013/2014).

Major efforts are being MADE in the USA to boost LED sales. A joint venture between the US subsidiary and Trans-lux (based in New York and Des Moines- Iowa) is in the pipeline and should favour the marketing and sale of Prismaflex LED boards on the North American market. Trans-lux Corp (TNLX) supplies LED solutions for the sports, gaming, financial and signage led for retail markets in the region with a strong sales TEAM operating all across the country.

Production of LED displays in the 34% Chinese JV operation has begun.

Prismaflex International pursues its strategy of controlling operating and production costs to lower the breakeven point.

Next press release: 2014/2015 annual figures, June 18, 2015 after closure - sfaf meeting at 10am Friday June 19, 2015.

ISIN : FR0004044600-ALPRI - Reuters : ALPRI.PA - Bloomberg : ALPRI.FP

Emmanuel Guzman/ CFO - phone: +33 (0)4 74 70 68 00 -
Amalia Naveira - Analysts/Investors contact - phone: +33 (0)4 72 18 04 92 -
Marie-Claude Triquet - Press contact - phone: +33 (0)4 72 18 04 93-

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