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Mardi 28 Avr 2009 à 14:08

Amaro (UD), le 27 avril 2009

- Approbation du projet des comptes consolidés 2008 arrêtés au 31 décembre 2008

- Nomination du conseil d'administration et des commissaires aux comptes

- Autorisation d'achat et de vente d'actions propres

Approbation du projet des comptes consolidés arrêtés au 31 décembre 2008

L'assemblée ordinaire d'Eurotech S.p.A. s'est réunie aujourd'hui en deuxième convocation à Amaro sous la présidence de Roberto Siagri et a approuvé le bilan 2008 arrêté au 31 décembre 2008 et les comptes consolidés 2008 confirmant ainsi le projet approuvé par le conseil d'administration le 16 mars 2009.

Gruppo Eurotech. In 2008 the consolidated net revenues were Euro 91,73 million (Euro 76,54 million in 2007), operating profit (EBIT) came to Euro -13,52 million (Euro -4,11 million in 2007) and the net loss for the Group amounted to Euro -12,71 million (Euro -4,92 million in 2007).

Eurotech S.p.A. The parent company ended 2008 with a net loss of Euro -12,00 million (Euro -6,59 milioni in 2007).

Integration of the Board of Directors and Board of Statutory Auditors

The meeting today nominated the following Board members: Messrs Filippo Bagnato, Sandro Barazza, Giovanni Soccodato and Maurizio Tucci. Moreover, it nominated, as regular auditors, Mrs. Michela Cignolini and Mr. Giuseppe Pingaro and as temporary auditor Mr. Lorenzo Spinnato.

The Directors and the Statutory Auditors nominated in this way will remain in charge until the approval of the balance on December 31, 2010.

As a result of the abovementioned, the Board of Directors is composed as follows:

Name and Surname  
Presence of  
Independent as per  
  subject at the date   the Code for self-  
  of nomination   discipline of Borsa  
    Italiana *  
Roberto Siagri   7,04%    
Giampietro Tecchiolli   0,53%    
(Vice President)      
Filippo Bagnato   0,00%    
Sandro Barazza   0,00%    
Giovanni Soccodato   0,00%    
Maurizio Tucci   0,00%    
Alberto Felice De Toni   0,02%   X  
Chiara Mio   0,00%   X  
Cesare Pizzul   0,00%   X  

*As per the Instructions and Regulations of Markets organized and managed by Borsa Italiana, for STAR companies with Board of Directors composed of 9 to 14 members, at least 3 of them must possess the requisites of independence as per the Code for self-discipline of Borsa Italiana.

Still as a result of the abovementioned, the Board of Statutory Auditors is composed as follows:

Nome e Cognome  
Partecipazione detenuta dal soggetto alla data di nomina  
Claudio Siciliotti   0,06 %   Presidente  
Michela Cignolini   0,00%   Sindaco Effettivo  
Giuseppe Pingaro   0,00%   Sindaco Effettivo  
Marco Rubatto   0,00%   Sindaco Supplente  
Lorenzo Spinnato   0,00%   Sindaco Supplente  

The relative Curricula are available at the corporate headquarters and can be consulted at the internet site of the Company.

Authorization for the purchase of treasury shares

The Meeting deliberated the authorization for the purchase and disposition of treasury shares for a period of 18 months from the date of deliberation of the ordinary Meeting, as per the combination of articles 2357 and 2357-ter c.c., as well as art.132 D. Decree 58/59 (TUF) and relative accomplishment dispositions.

The operations of purchasing and sale of treasury shares object of the deliberation for authorization may be, time after time, pre-ordered with the following purposes: (i) proceed to purchasing and/or alienation of treasury shares for the investment and stabilization of the title trend and liquidity on the stock market, with terms and modes provided by applicable dispositions; (ii) allow the use of treasury shares in operations linked with the current management, that is in projects coherent with the strategy lines that the Company intends to pursue, relevant to which concrete opportunities of stock exchange occur, including the destination of the aforementioned shares to the service of any convertible and/or warrant bond loans; that is (iii) destine the purchased treasury shares to the service of any compensation plans, in any form deliberated by the competent corporate organ, that provide for the awarding of, and/or are in case based on Eurotech shares reserved to the management and the directors of the Company and/or of the companies directly or indirectly controlled by it.

The authorization has been deliberated for the purchase, also in more tranches, of ordinary shares without expressed nominal value, up to a maximum total such that, considering the ordinary shares held time by time in the corporate portfolio by the Company and by the companies controlled by it, the number of treasury shares is not higher in total to the maximum limit established by the applicable pro tempore regulation. The deliberation provides that the purchase of treasury shares are to be carried out at a consideration not lower than the minimum of 15% and not higher than the maximum of 15% with respect to the official price registered by the Eurotech title in the stock exchange day before each single purchase operation or, in case the purchase is carried out for the agency of public offer for purchase or exchange, to a consideration not lower than the minimum of 15% and not higher than the maximum of 15% with respect to the official price registered by the Eurotech title the stock exchange day before the public announcement.

The director in charge of the editing of the corporate accounting documents, Sandro Barazza, declares as per paragraph 2 of art. 154-bis of the Finance Consolidation Act that the accounting disclosure contained in this press release corresponds to the records in the accounting books and documents.

Eurotech Group

Eurotech (ETH.MI) is a "global company" based in Italy with offices throughout Europe, North America and Asia. The group designs and markets miniature computers (NanoPCs) for special uses and high performance computers (HPCs). With these two product ranges, Eurotech aims to become a leader in the implementation of pervasive computing commonly known as "GRID". This will enable an entire range of value added services and functions in the transportation, defence, industrial , medical and scientific research sectors.

Company contacts:

Investor relations

Andrea Barbaro

Tel. 0433-485411


Corporate Press Office

Cristiana della Zonca

Tel. 0433-485411


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